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Cheerful, written by Palmer Brown

Cheerful by Palmer Brown is one of those charming stories which reminds you how gentle childhood is. Each page is filled with romantic pencil drawings which pull you in to a totally endearing world.

A little church mouse, Cheerful, lives with his family and longs to live up to his name. He dreams of a life in the countryside where he can enjoy the life in which he believes is as good as his mother’s stories of her childhood. Cheerful’s siblings are all so happy in the city but he feels there’s something he is missing. One day Cheerful decides to leave the church and he jumps on a passing fruit and vegetable cart. Through many adventures Cheerful finds himself packed up in an Easter Egg and sure enough he discovers a wonderful world in which he is plenty happy.

We’ve loved Cheerful so much. It’s a short, sweet, read-aloud to Florence and the illustrations are ones the whole family enjoys. Having searched for more books by Palmer Brown I’m loving all of his work. Hickory and The Silver Nutmeg also look divine. I think we have a new author love!

Cheerful is available online from Amazon (UK) and (US).

Vanessa x


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