Natural pregnancy skincare by Eve & Rose

natural pregnancy skincare

My belly is big and round now and I just feel the skin stretching around it. So tight! Also, the itching is terrible, and comes in waves. My legs, my arms, my back (especially there where I can not reach)… All so itchy! It’s part of the pregnancy deal, of course, and thankfully temporary (almost done!).

Every morning I religiously rub my belly with oil, and it helps to soothe the skin so much. I am a total fan of the Eve & Rose products — their Precious Body Oil is beautifully dry and has such a gentle, soft and soothing scent. I also use the Eve & Rose Nourishing Body Lotion on my legs and arms, and I swear it helps with the itching.

Eve & Rose products are made of 100% natural ingredients, using blends of fine oils such as organ and academia, and other ingredients like aloe vera, shea, white lily flower and tocepherol (natural vitamin E). There is no use of essential oils, alcohol, parabens, phtalates, SLS, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or colours.

Another great thing about Eve & Rose is that 50% (!!) of the profit is used to support the charity ‘Children of the Mekong’. Thus helping the poorest children and their communities in remote areas and slums. What a great initiative!

xxx Esther


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February 26, 2018

I hear you. The itching drives me crazy.
You might want to get the itching checked out if it’s all over your body as it can be a sign of a liver condition that some women develop. My sister in law had it and they induced her early to not take any risks.

Esther in Amsterdam
February 26, 2018

Oh really, how scary! I’m not worried because it’s really mostly my belly that’s itchy. But good to know that if it’s all over your body it can be a sign of something else — never thought about it! Thanks for the shout-out!x

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