The third trimester of your pregnancy | what essentials do you need?

The third trimester is when you will start to feel BIG and heavy and perhaps physically uncomfortable. But you will also be excitedly preparing yourself for the birth of your baby… This is such a fun and special time!

third trimester essentials

In addition to my lists of first and second trimester essentials, here’s a few things you might need in the third trimester:

  1. Bath: by now my body is so big and heavy, my back is sore and my belly crampy. Having a bath brings so much relief! These lavender bath salts from Neal’s Yard are so relaxing. I tried them at Emilie’s place recently and loved them. (I just ordered a jar for myself; they will be great to use after the birth as well!)
  2. Prepare: Regardless of whether you’re preparing for a home birth, a hospital birth, a natural birth or a c-section, it is good to know what childbirth is all about. There’s no need to dread giving birth — instead, it is important to feel powerful, ready and relaxed! I personally still don’t know if I will stay home for the birth or head over to the hospital. Here in the Netherlands you can decide pretty much last minute! But I do think it will be a natural birth, like my 4 previous ones. In any case, I feel it is good to understand what will happen during birth. And learn (or at least, know about!) techniques to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. I find that Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth  can be a helpful read (especially so if you’re hoping to give birth naturally). Also, it’s good to practise hypno-birth breathing techniques, or the sort of breathing and relaxation techniques you learn at pregnancy yoga.
  3. Tea: Drinking Raspberry Leaf tea is said to help prepare the womb for childbirth.
  4. Massage: A massage brings relief and relaxation (and helps with a sore back or restless legs!). I love this belly oil from Tubby Tods.
  5. Robe: This cashmere robe is so luxuriously comfortable and fits the biggest of bumps!
  6. Announcements: In the Netherlands, it is the custom to send out birth announcements to all friends and family. Selecting a card and gathering all of the addresses is definitely a third trimester activity.

xxx Esther

PS  Yesterday I made a big pot full of pasta sauce that I froze in batches. I’m trying to stock up our pantry and freezer so we don’t have to think about food too much later!


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