Last Minute Valentine’s DIY: Heart Shaped Seed Paper and Origami Envelope

Last Minute Valentine's DIY

I don’t give a lot on Valentine’s Day, usually. But I try to create something sweet for my husband and the kids just so they know it exists. Does this even make any sense? 🙂 So this year I decided to craft a last minute Valentine’s DIY: tiny seed paper hearts and easy envelopes to pack them in. These are sooooo easy to make and I think everyone is going to like the idea (especially my mother in law who is visiting).

Last Minute Valentine's DIY

To make these you’ll need:

Old egg cartoon
Heart-shaped cookie cutter
A straight strainer (I used this pot cover I have at home)
Flower seeds
Paper for the envelopes

Last Minute Valentine's DIY
First thing you need to do is rip the egg cartoon to little pieces, cover with water and let soak over night.

Last Minute Valentine's DIY
The next day you mix both into a fine puree (excuse the pink dust in the above photo among the ingredients! I tried to experiment with some left-over natural pigment which look promising at first, but has leaked out during the drying phase. I think some usual, food color might stay on if you wish to try).

Last Minute Valentine's DIY
Last Minute Valentine's DIY
Now place the cookie cutter onto a strainer and take about a teaspoon full of mush, pour into a cookie cutter and spread evenly along the surface. Sprinkle each heart with a few seeds. Now carefully lift the cookie cutter and repeat. Repeat this as many times as you wish/as many hearts you need.

Last Minute Valentine's DIY
Last Minute Valentine's DIY
Now let them dry – I placed them on a window shelf above a radiator and they were dry by the morning. Very carefully peel them off of the strainer (see the difference in colour/no colour?).

Last Minute Valentine's DIY

For the envelope you only need a square-shaped paper.
First fold diagonally, so you get a triangle.
Now fold each side corner of the triangle in towards the center at one third of the dimension of the bottom edge, keeping the bottom edges aligned.

Last Minute Valentine's DIY

Fold the top and the bottom flaps half way towards the middle.
Unfold the top flap, place the heart on the top square as shown on the picture, fold the bottom part up and tuck one flap into the pocket of another.
Now fold the last left flap down and tape with a nice sticker.

Happy Valentine’s!

– Polona

PS Sweet and simple paper love bird notes


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