My Funny Valentines — Cute last-minute Valentine card idea!

These are the easiest (and super last-minute friendly) Valentine cards. Very handmade, perhaps even a bit homespun, which I think adds a bit of character… quite endearing! In addition they are funny and fast to make! You can use collage materials and a bit of clever wording, and presto! We used pieces of wrapping paper from Knot & Bow (it is our very favourite paper for wrapping special birthday gifts — instant smiles guaranteed from the recipient). But you could also use magazine/newspaper clippings, or do your own drawings too!

They are easy to make. You only need glue, scissors, pens, and a bit of humour, which transformed our postcards. We used blank postcards , but obviously you can make your own too.
Personally, I love the ‘Frankly we think you are the hottest dog in town’ cards, but the ‘berry much’ message is cute too. Inventing our captions was probably one of the best parts of making these cards. Also, it became a whole fun ‘lesson’ discussing what jokes, riddles, and a play on words is with our four year old.
Add a happy face and a few personal touches, and children of all ages can make these en masse, for classmates, grandparents, and friends they know. Easy for children of all ages.
So hopefully these funny Valentine’s will inspire you to make a few quick cards for love heart day too!
Lara x
ps — For a more elegant Valentine’s Day card solution, I heart these beautiful and simple tissue paper painting cards!


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Esther in Amsterdam
February 13, 2018

SO cute!!!! x

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