Team Favourites: 25 of the Best Colouring Materials

We spent everyday of our Christmas holiday colouring and painting. Two weeks! Experimenting with mark making, drawing our favourite memories, making imaginary worlds, and just having fun… creating art is wonderful for all ages.  And beautiful materials create beautiful art.

Our twenty five art and colouring materials will provide you with a lot to choose from so you can select the very best for your children’s ages, interests, and desires. We love this collection from our team. Hopefully you will add some of these to your art ‘studio’ or give them as birthday gifts (a super smart gift in my book)!


Twenty Five of our Team’s Favourite Colouring Materials :

  1. Lyra Colour Pencils — My younger kids like these thicker pencils because they’re easier to hold, and they come in pretty colours. — Courtney
  2.  Oil Pastels — Chunky and fun to work with on large surfaces. — Lara
  3. Stablio Cappi Felt-Tip Pen — These felt tips can be strung together on a ring! So super practical!! Perfect for pre-schoolers. — Esther
  4. Caran D’Ache Coloured Water-soluble Pencil (Pack of 40)  — Beautiful colours and so great because if you brush water over them they become watercolours! I still have my battered box of these from when I was a child!!! — Esther
  5. Artist Sketch Book — Love having these kind of sketch books around — and ALWAYS bring when traveling (to use as travel diary or simply as sketch book). One per child. — Esther
  6. Three Star Chalk — My daughter loves coloring on her chalkboard and the sidewalk outside our house. This chalk, from a 140-year-old German company, is the best we’ve found. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. — Shannon
  7. Honeysticks — These are delicious! They smell of honey, and are just as beautiful to colour with. I love that there aren’t any labels as well, so little kids can colour with both the end and the sides of them. Great for making rubbings and creating textures. They are all natural and nice and chunky 100% beeswax, non toxic, and sustainable too. — Alies and Lara
  8. Graphite Drawing Pencil — Good quality pencils are the most essential basic for drawing and sketching! — Esther
  9. Pencil Sharpener — Perfect for both the big and the skinny colour pencils. — Courtney
  10. Crayola – Twistable Crayons — Super handy for pre-schoolers — just twist up! — Esther
  11. Eraser  — Best eraser on the block! — Esther and Lara in Paris
  12. Inktense Watercolour Pencils Tin – Set of 12  — Beautiful rich pigmented colours which become permanent when dry. — Vanessa
  13. Djeco Gel Crayons— So soft and easy to draw with — they are like butter! Great for young little hands since you don’t need to apply pressure, but instead just experiment with mark making. — Lara
  14. Bathtub Crayons — Crayons to use in the bathtub! How fun. — Lara 
  15. Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 — A pencil, watercolour, and crayon all in one, these lovely wooden pencils make such gorgeous art. Use them on proper watercolour paper, and after drawing introduce paintbrushes to the art session. Layering drawing on top of painting! Fun! — Lara
  16. Pentel Water Brush Pens — Perfect in combination with the watercolour pencils. (Also great to bring traveling or to restaurants in combination with some watercolour pencils!!). — Esther
  17. Kitpas Marker Crayons — These are such a fun way to take coloring beyond paper, as they mark beautifully on glass and whiteboards. Kitpas also make a set of bath markers that comes with the cutest little sponge in the shape of a cloud. So great for adding to a sense of celebration and they are really easy to clean off. — Shannon and Helen
  18. Waterbrush — If we don’t have our watercolour paints with us, I love using these pencils with the paintbrushes. So handy for going to restaurants. — Vanessa
  19. Sanford Mr. Sketch Scented Watercolor Markers — These markers last forever and are available in great colours and they never seem to dry out. Plus, they are scented too – so fun! — Rebecca
  20. Chalk — Thicker version of the chalk (from number 6) perfect for drawing outside. — Shannon
  21. Stockmar Crayons Tin of 16 blocks — Pure beeswax, these blocks are great for first crayons for babies and toddlers. — Esther and Lara
  22. Canson Watercolour Paper Pad  — I like to have these in different sizes (A4 but also postcard size!). — Esther
  23. Watercolour Box — We use our water colours pretty much every weekend. We also take ours on holiday and take watercolour paper postcards with us. — Vanessa
  24. Lyra Groove Slim Coloured Pencils — Triangular shape ensures a good grip, plus super pretty colours and nice to work with. Our kids love colouring with these. — Esther & Courtney
  25. Staedtler Pens  — My bigger kids love these for drawing (I do too — I learned to work with these when I studied as an architect!). — Esther

And one of our favourite colouring materials we traveled with over our Christmas holiday was this lovely wool felt roll of coloured pencils made from natural wood. Money from each set even goes to the RSPB to save sparrows! How sweet.

We would love to know what your favourite colouring materials are.  And we would love to hear about your favourite paper and brushes too… what materials do you use?



ps A great way to cherish those beautiful drawings and paintings are with Doodle Nest books. Especially if you want to make numerous books from your original art for the grandparents!


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Annie from Brimful
January 15, 2018

#12 and #17 are big favorites here too. But you’ll need to try Kwik Stix! I gave them to my kids for Christmas and they love them!!

Annie from Brimful
January 15, 2018

Here’s the link for the them…paint sticks that dry in 90 seconds – they are brilliant!

January 16, 2018

So much inspiration! Thank you!

My girls also love #1, #10 and #15. And we will definitely try #4, #6, #17 and #25. And we will add sketchbooks to our art supplies!

Your team might like brush pens like these:

My girls love to paint with those!

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