Organise your life with our newly designed weekly planner!

Weekly Planner by Babyccino

It’s the month of resolutions and good intentions! In my case (as part of my bigger goals) this means tidying, organising and planning my house, my work, my life… The perfect opportunity to share a new and spiffy Babyccino week planner. Three years ago around this same time (when I was tidying, organising and planning as well), we shared this weekly planner designed by the lovely Sara from Litte Cube. It is still so pretty and useful, but we thought it would be nice to update it a little. So here’s a new design for you to print out and hang on your fridge (for example)!

Happy organising!

xxx Esther


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January 13, 2018

I still print out and complete the first weekly planner every single week, sticking it to the fridge so all can see it! I thought I was doing it for the kids but my husband recently told me it’s a big help to him! Thank you for the update.

Esther in Amsterdam
January 15, 2018

Oh that’s cool to hear!! (You’re welcome!) xx

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