Three products I can’t live without

There are three new products that I discovered this past summer and can’t live without anymore. Well, ok I could but don’t want to. 🙂

The first one is a TePe Supreme toothbrush. I am no expert when it comes to tooth brushing but my best friend suggested I try this one and it was such a revelation! I felt like I’ve been living under a rock and brushing my teeth with a twig until now! The head is made of short and long bristles that also clean in between the teeth. And it is also super soft. So it does its job perfectly, without harming the gum and your enamel. They also have super cute ones for the kids.

While I was toothbrush-shopping (haha I really am getting old) I also decided to try out one of the new and very popular toothpastes that contain Activated Charcoal. I am never ever looking back now! Really, my teeth have never ever felt so clean. And I’m a little shy to say but I also received a few compliments on my teeth looking white lately. There are many on the market already so just look for the activated charcoal toothpaste.

The third thing I found are these new pedicure files called “sunflower stainless steel foot file” (named after the raised surface with a sunflower pattern) that last a lot longer than the normal, disposable ones. I always hated the fact how often I had to replace the ones I was buying (not to mention all the plastic waste). But these should last a lot longer, a couple of years even. They are made of surgical grade stainless steel so they don’t wear or flake off. They also have both a rough and a smooth side and are super sharp so they do their job amazing a lot faster than any other I’ve used! And since they don’t have the rasp pads glued on you can also use them both on wet and dry feet. You can find them under “sunflower stainless steel foot file” on Amazon.

I’m super curious to know if there are any products that you’ve been using for a while and can’t live without?

Polona xx


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December 12, 2017

Immediately buying!!!!! Thanks!!!

December 12, 2017

Toothbrushes look nice – but do you know whether they are made of plastic? We’re trying to reduce our plastics, so trying to buy toothbrushes which are made of alternate materials and I’m always after new brands.

December 12, 2017

Hi Rachel! I think they are made of regular plastic, yes! Do you know the ones from Jack n’ Jill? They are made of corn starch and therefore biodegradable. I have a few in my shop – !

December 5, 2018

Check out these campaign for a non-plastic toothbrush. Haven’t tried them yet (supposed to arrive in March), but I’m excited about the concept.

December 12, 2017

What a great article and I love being inspired – especially about the activated charcoal. However we are trying to only buy bamboo toothbrushes to save on the plastic – but maybe the ones you recommend are not plastic?

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