ZooModern, sustainable and eco-friendly Wooden Creatures

Because of the amount of toys of all kinds on the market today it’s pretty hard to get excited over the new ones. I remember just eight years ago when I had my first daughter everything was different. The variety was a lot narrower. So what I try to do now is find and accept only the best ones, which in my own head means the following: a type of toy that will make my kids want to play with it for a long time (not necessarily all the time but I don’t want toy to get boring or useless for a child in a year or so) and in several different ways and spaces. And the last and not least – the materials! Wood or at least another sustainable and planet-friendly materials.

These amazing forest creatures from ZooModern made of wood and dressed in 100% wool are everything I mentioned above and so much more! I love just everything about them and I’m very sure you will too! For a start you’ll love the fact that they are actually designed by a dad! His name is Glen Hay and he worked in a toy industry for the last 12 years, creating classic, mainly wooden toys but in the meanwhile he was also on a mission to find a safer toy, something that his own daughter would be interested in playing with. He felt that others made from wood were either cars or teething toys for babies.

Even though his own daughter is already a teenager now he decided to keep going because he sees a big problem in plastics. And this is how Leo (the Bear), Evan (the Rabbit), Lars (the Owl) and Abe (the Fox) finally came to life!

They are about 10 cm wide and 18 cm tall and completely hand crafted from raw and eco-friendly materials like rubber wood and their capes are hand sewn from natural wool.

We have had Lars and Abe for a little more than a month now and all of my three children still play with them almost every day! And I make sure that they are dressed in their own clothes at the end of the day 🙂 And the thing I love is that they also make a beautiful decor! You know the saying about the two birds and one stone…

Polona xx


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Annie from Brimful
December 7, 2017

Glen really has made a toy that is so unique! I never thought a wooden animal doll could be this darling, but they truly are just that. We have the bear here at our house and it’s very loved.

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