‘The Ultimate Baby Book’ by Baby London Magazine

The ultimate baby bookWhen I discovered I was pregnant with Sara 13 years ago, I quickly went to my local bookstore to buy all the guide books I could find. Pregnant! I didn’t even know where to start. I studied all of those books (and expected Tamar to show an equal interest in my pregnancy, of course). And consequently, I became extremely stressed out by all of the rules and guidelines in the many different books offered. From what to eat and what not to eat, to how to give birth or how not to give birth… In my insecurity I needed reassurance, but those guidebooks in the end made me even more confused and uncertain!

Over the years and after four pregnancies and births, I have decided that in order not to be intimidated by an overload of information, a good baby book should just offer the most basic, down to earth information. I recently received ‘the Ultimate Baby Book‘, created by the makers of Baby London magazine, and I must say I appreciate the relaxed and gentle approach they take towards informing new-to-be mothers. There are essential chapters about the different stages of pregnancy, the birth and baby’s first year. I like the down-to-earth advice from experts, and the ‘real-life’ quotes from (famous) parents. The fact that it’s brought out in magazine form actually makes it unpretentious and approachable — you know, the sort of relaxed bedtime reading you’re craving for when you’re pregnant!

xxx Esther


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