Mama Owl, the wonders of wool and natural clothing

We were recently on the way to London for a little family trip, and on the train I noticed that Casper’s shoes were completely falling apart! So sad that I won’t be able to pass them down to baby number 5… I took the excuse however to make a surprise visit to Anna from Mama Owl, a London-based shop full of the most beautiful natural products (a lot of gorgeous woollens!).

Entering the Mama Owl studio was like entering a treasure cove, and before long Casper didn’t just have a new pair of shoes, but also a cosy, hand knit sweater from I just couldn’t resist the adorableness!

mama owl

After sorting that out, I got completely lost in the amazing stock that Mama Owl keeps. Amongst which some beautiful, high quality Danish and German underwear brands (both for children and for adults). I’m a big fan of woollen underwear. I know that a thin layer of wool will keep us all warm and cosy in the colder months. I also know that the initial investment in good quality wool pieces will pay off: some of the woollen or silk/woollen vests I own myself I have had for over 20 years! So I picked up these soft wool/silk vests from Joha for my kids (these vests with soft lace for the girls is so sweet and romantic!) which they have been wearing consistently over the past weeks and love. And woollen tights for the girls; for Sara I got an adult small and I got a pair for myself as well. So cosy!

(Note: I always end up washing all of my wool or silk/wool underwear in a regular 40º cycle. And they very often end up in the dryer as well. It’s otherwise just too hard to manage all of the washing! But it all still looks perfect, even the pieces that I have had for a very long time.)

mama owl

If you’re in London, you will find Mama Owl with her now famous booth at our fabulous London ShopUp event again. Don’t miss it! Otherwise, her studio in Hackney, East London is open for visits on Fridays. The rest of the world has easy access to all of the fabulous Mama Owl collection as well through the online shop  which ships worldwide for a very reasonable fee.

xxx Esther


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