Reusable straws, fun and environmentally responsible

reusable strawStraws are so great for kids. They make drinking more fun (and are so practical for babies too). However, disposable straws are mostly made of plastic and we have way too much of that floating around in our ocean already, or sitting in huge landfill. (Have you seen this video of a turtle with a plastic straw in his nose? It makes me so sad!)

Tara of Buy me Once, the awesome website promoting and selling items made to last a lifetime (with the aim to shift habits from short-term buying to long-term buying) introduced me to these great reusable silicone smoothie straws. We’ve been using them for a while now, and love them! They are wide enough to drink with comfortably (even thick smoothies). Plus they’re easy and straightforward to clean (dishwasher safe, plus they come with a little enclosed brush). A definite recommendation!

xxx Esther

PS Two delicious green smoothie recipes


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