15 of our favourite Autumn Recipes

Baking and Autumn seem to go hand in hand. It is a great way to warm up the home, and the belly! : ) And as days get shorter and colder, baking with warm spices and tart fruits just seems right whether it is pies, cakes, breads, or biscuits. So we wanted to share our team’s fifteen favourite Autumn recipes. Many of these recipes are from our archives over the years, and some our just too good not to share! We hope you enjoy our favourite recipes, and have fun baking them with your family.


Fifteen Favourite Autumn Recipes : 

  1. Perfect Pumpkin Bread — This is addicitively good. Moist, rich in colour, and a crowd pleaser. I recently made extra batches and froze it (stocking up for the winter!) – Lara 
  2. Peanut Butter Cookies — I usually associate Autumn with pumpkin and apples, but I have to say, this recipe can do no wrong. Since Courtney introduced it years ago, it is in constant rotation. – Lara
  3. Apple Sharlotka — A great alternative to the traditional American Apple Pie. Top with creme frache or greek yoghurt! – Lara
  4. Coffee Cakes — These coffee cakes remind me of my childhood. The smell is so comforting and they are deliciously moist. Made as cupcakes or as a larger cake they are perfect topped with walnuts for a slow weekend day. – Vanessa 
  5. Pumpkin Cranberry Bread — Instead of bread, we make muffins and they’re a perfect addition to lunch boxes in the autumn months! – Courtney
  6. The Very Best Brownies — These are all year rounders but this recipe is epic and I make these brownies all the time. – Emilie 
  7. Roasted Autumn Fruits — This is such a simple dessert and my girls love making this. It’s such a diverse recipe because any fruit can be used. Just as delicious for a morning breakfast too with granola and greek yoghurt. – Vanessa 
  8. Best Pumpkin Pie — I’m not sure why (maybe the fresh pumpkin??) but even people who say they do not really LIKE pumpkin pie (like Courtney!), likes THIS pumpkin pie! – Esther 
  9. Ginger Biscuits — Love these, a great classic and the Anglo alternative to spekuloos. – Courtney 
  10. Instant Apple Crumble — The most revolutionary baking / dessert tip I have ever come across. : ) Thanks Emilie! – Esther 
  11. Traditional Dutch Apple Pie — Every Dutch person loves their traditional Dutch apple pie. So good! – Esther
  12. Yogurt Cake — An all time French classic and perfect with a cup of tea. – Emilie 
  13. Wholemeal Scones — We’re big scone fans in our house! There is nothing better then waking up to the smell of freshly baked scones for breakfast. We love these wholemeal ones, equally our cheese scones make for a lovely brunch. – Vanessa
  14. Nutmeg Apple Butter Cookies — We all adore these cookies! They have a subtle but addictive flavor and a delicious crunch, and they never last for long. They’re especially cute and autumnal when you use a leaf cookie cutter. – Shannon
  15. Apple & Olive Oil Cake — This is my friend Polly’s family favourite right now, and it is delicious! Ive never used olive oil in a cake so I was intrigued but it is perfectly moist and just indulgent enough without being heavy. I’m making this for my family at Thanksgiving. Yummy! – Lara

We hope that a few of these will soon become your family’s favourites.

Happy baking!



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