Here we Are, Notes for Living on Planet Earth | by Oliver Jeffers

Here we are, Oliver JeffersWhen Oliver Jeffers’ new book arrived here in Amsterdam, there was a loud cheer from the kids. He really is a bit of a rock star in our house! : ) And we’re not the only ones, of course. He’s one famous guy!

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth ‘ is inspired by the birth of Oliver’s son Harland two years ago. Holding his newborn baby in his arms, Oliver felt a ‘massive responsibility of explaining our complex world to a completely blank state’. So he created this book, dedicated to Harland. A praise to the earth and all that is living on top of it.

Here we are, Oliver Jeffers

Here We Are ‘ discusses the solar system, geology, our body, people and diversity, animals, and the rhythm of life, all of this in an endearingly simple and respectful way. Some of the basic values that Oliver grew up with (kindness, tolerance and global responsibility) are reflected in this book. And also the notion of individuality and connection: ‘rotating around the sun, together’. I find it incredible how Oliver has managed to bring ‘everything you need to know’ across in this one beautiful book!

As always, the illustrations are sublime and the sense of humour of Oliver is ever present. Most importantly though, while reading this book, I felt how Oliver’s love for Harland and his awe of the wonder of life was literally seeping from the pages. Which makes this book extra special to me and such a joy to read!

Here we are, Oliver Jeffersxxx Esther



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