Oliver Jeffers shares his Top Ten Favourite Children’s Books

Who doesn’t love Oliver Jeffers? Without a doubt, many of his own books would appear on other authors’ top ten book lists. They would certainly make the cut on my list! His super charming children’s books are big-time favourites in our house. ‘How to Catch a Star‘ and ‘Lost and Found‘ will forever remind me of the time in my life when my two boys were babies — there was probably a five-year period where those two books never left my boys’ bedside table. His beautiful new book, Here We Are , which launched yesterday (!!) has quickly become a favourite in our house as well. (The perfect holiday gift this season!)

I was SO excited when Oliver agreed to share his ten favourite children’s books with us, and even more excited when I received his list because there are some books here that I’ve never even heard of before. (How beautiful does The Lost House look?!)  I have a serious case of the ‘if he loves these and I love him… then I’ll love these’. Haha. Off to the bookshop I go!

Now that Oliver is a father, I imagine he is doing lots of bedtime reading these days — which makes this list even more considered. I’m sure he’s shared books below that not only appeal to him, but ones which he knows appeal to kids as well.

Here are Oliver Jeffers’ ten favourite children’s books: 

1. The Bad Tempered Lady Bird by Eric Carle
A grumpy lady bird picks fights with increasingly larger objects.

2. Moon Man by Tomi Ungerer
The Man on the Moon decides to pay earth a visit. But the earthlings dont like strangers so they lock him up.

3.The Enemy by Serge Bloc
Two soldiers holed up in trenches from some forgotten war, find out that the person they are fighting is no different from themselves.

4. Dinotopia by James Gurney
A long lost journal from an island where dinosaurs and humans live in perfect harmony.

5. Louis 1 King of Sheep by Olivier Talec
When the wind blows a crown into a flock of sheep, one sheep suddenly becomes more important than the others.

6. The Lost House by B.B Cronin
A beautifully designed and coloured i-spy visual book where two children find lost things in their grandads house.

7. Clown by Quentin Blake
In this wordless picture book, a discarded toy clown finds his place in the world thanks to some reciprocal generosity with two children.

8. The Frank Show by David Macintosh
A small boy is bored and embarrassed by his grandfather, until the day he has to bring a family in to school to talk about, and no one but Frank will show up.

9. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
Max’s mischief and imagination bring him to an island where he becomes King of the Wild Things, and back again before his supper is cold.

10.This is New York by M. Sasek
A beautiful visual guide, with a fine eye for both the macro and the micro, of one of the busiest and culturally important cities currently on the planet.


You can purchase Oliver’s newest book from all good bookstores and from Amazon (UK and US). Also, be sure to check out our other Top Ten Booklists for more inspiration.


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Esther in Amsterdam
November 14, 2017

I’m SO excited that Oliver Jeffers is sharing his Top Ten kids’ books with us! He’s like a rockstar in our house!!! 🙂 x

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