Organic skincare for teenagers — a lovely new range from Green People!

With my biggest kids now being 10 and 12, I’ve been on the look-out for a nice range of pure, organic skincare for teenagers. There’s a lot of lovely organic skincare around for adult skin these days, but I’ve been unsuccessful in my search for a nice range for Sara and Pim. Until now! Green People just released a line of exactly what I was looking for: Oy!, no-nonsense organic skincare for teenagers.

organic skincare for teenagers

I love the packaging, it is unisex, cool and fresh looking. It’s not too serious without being childish. I also love that like everything Green People do, the products are complete free of nasties! There’s foaming face-wash, serum and moisturiser and I like the fact that there’s a deodorant too. When skin does break out, despite the regular cleansing and treating, there’s even a blemish concealer. All easy and straightforward to use! Pim and Sara both use this line and like it (especially Pim!).

xxx Esther

PS A tip for parent of teenagers


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November 13, 2017

Thank you! I was looking for products just like these for my teenage (13) boy 🙂

November 13, 2017

My 10 year old has just started to show signs of break-outs on his skin so will definitely try out this range – thank you for the recommendation!

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