Het Woeste Westen – a nature park for all ages

Nestled into the beautiful and expansive Westerpark is Het Woeste Westen — a slice of wilderness in which children can truly connect with and explore their natural environment. Het Woeste Westen is an outdoor playland made up of a number of different adventure “islands” that are naturally separated by water. Each island has its own theme: Water Island is characterised by a stream and ponds filled with things to discover, Adventure Island has huts and hills to explore, and Meadow Island with its high grasses and meandering paths.

During the summer months Het Woeste Westen offers the perfect environment for children to get completely immersed in nature – to explore freely, get wet and muddy, and cool off in the hot sun. However even as the temperature drops it is still possible to enjoy what this place has to offer.

 There are wooden huts to play in, rafts that float freely and must be carefully navigated by the kids, as well as rafts that are connected to cables. These create a space in which children must work together to figure out how to move about and to ensure they don’t fall into the water!

Children can also rent fishing nets and see what little creatures can be found in the ponds and streams. There are posters which show what wildlife resides at Woeste Westen, so children can see and learn about exactly what they have caught. There are many opportunities to learn, problem-solve, explore and interact with nature.

And at the end of all that adventure, the perfect way to end your visit is at the campfire. Here, there are fire pits on which you can roast marshmallows or bake bread on a stick; children are taught to roll the dough and wrap it onto the stick themselves. Then when the bread is baked you can choose your own filling — a sausage, syrup or the very Dutch treat “hagelsag” (chocolate sprinkles) which of course melt inside the hot bread!

Het Woeste Westen

Overbrakerpad 3
1014 AZ Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Sat, Sun, Wed: 11:00-18:00
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 13:00-18:00

PS. While you are in the beautiful Westerpark, you can also visit De Bakkerswinkel nearby for some delicious canal-side food!


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