Gray Label, a cute (but above all comfortable!) collection

Gray Label

We’ve known Gray Label since their very first collection. Emily, the owner and designer, is from Amsterdam and it’s been so fun to follow her succes. I remember her search for the perfect organic cotton fleece for her very first basic collection… Until she finally put her finger on the softest and strongest variety she could find. And then the colours had to be perfect too, which took a while to finetune as well.

gray label

Gray label

Ava and Casper both wore their Gray Label onesies so much as babies. They learned to crawl and walk in them, and when they finally outgrew them, I passed them on to friends. And their babies wore them till they finally had holes on the knees from all the crawling!

The quality of the pieces is so good. They’re also super easy to care for (wash and dry, no iron. Wear and repeat!) and I can keep going on about the softness of the fleece fabric.

I recently stepped into the Gray Label store here in Amsterdam, and loved discovering the new seasonal colours. A deep, mustard yellow and a pretty shade of Burgundy red. Of course I came back with some cosy cuteness for Ava and Casper. A long dress for Ava, because she loves long dresses, and it will be so warm and cosy for winter. And a onesie for Casper, for old time sake… (Can’t wait to match him with his little brother soon!)

xxx Esther


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Annie from Brimful
November 10, 2017

So cozy looking!

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