5 Questions with Micky & Nikky from Knit Planet

Family businesses are our very favourite businesses. Knit Planet’s Micky and Nikky are just the sweetest, most positive couple. Partners in business, as well as life, they have a young brand and a young family. That’s a lot, we’re sure you’ll agree! We wanted to know more of their story — and their secrets to keeping sane. ; ) Of course they kindly agreed to answer our five questions!

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1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live and about your family

We, Micky and Nikky, are the duo behind Knit Planet. Nikky – aka Knit – has a fashion and management background, having graduated from the London College of Fashion/Queen Mary University. She has a real love and deep knowledge of knitwear, which goes back even before she became the almighty mum of two. Micky – aka Planet – has a creative and fashion background, he graduated from Central St. Martins, and worked as a multi-disciplinary designer as well as cross-border project manager between UK and Asia.

We both came to London to study at the beginning of the new millennium. We met at a New Year’s Eve party – where magic happened, and continues to this day! We’re now the parents of a little boy, Leo, and baby Hannah. We made London our home and now live in Blackheath, in the south-east of the city.

Our favourite things are: music (Dad), baking (Mum), clocks/watches and anything time/number related (Leo) and milk (Hannah).

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2. Tell us a little bit about your brand and how you came to create your label

Knit Planet is really our second baby, born when Leo was just 2 years old. After we had our little boy, we focused a lot on this ‘little’ world – which is not so little at all! There is so much fun, creativity, and small, beautiful things around. One of the main reasons we began as we did is that Leo has very sensitive skin and doesn’t like most clothing.

Unable to find comfortable, existing, options, we created a few styles just for him. Loose fits, nice materials – this was the starting point of the brand. We both really enjoyed the process and love the natural qualities and sensations of knitwear.

There are so many options with knitwear, there’s so much more than just the chunky, thick and warm pieces for cold seasons that so many children’s knitwear brands do. Knitwear can be versatile, modern and stylish, and that’s what we’ve created with Knit Planet; a planet of modern knitwear for stylish little ones.

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3. What is important to you when designing your products?

We always keep to the core of making pieces that are comfy for little ones, with chic styling and full of colour – something we just miss in the grey London!! Items need to be comfy and natural, both physically and aesthetically. We design products for children that are in keeping with a child’s pure, playful nature, rather than a smaller version of adult fashion.

Quality is the most important factor. The quality of the materials, as well as the design. We use the finest, organic materials for every product, making sure they are first and foremost comfortable and skin friendly. Then, from a practical perspective, we ensure that they are easy to wear, fit children’s behaviours and habits.

Finally, we also care about making life easier for parents — all our products are machine washable and most are gender neutral. They’re easy to mix-match and designed to last, meaning little ones can wear and wear and then pass them on, offering a longer useful life.

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4. What do you love most about your job?

Last summer, a dear family member passed away while Nikky was pregnant. It was very sad and frustrating, but we managed to carry on the brand and bring our 2017 Autumn/Winter collection to our debut European show in Paris. It was difficult and although we couldn’t be together physically during this time, we made it through as a team and a family. In this moment we felt that we enjoy a lot of benefits — our life and work, the emotions and business are all fused together as a whole, and a common goal.

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5. How do you juggle parenthood and your career?

It’s a parallel universe really! Both of us are from oriental countries originally, so we feel it’s all about the Yin and Yang balance, effecting and being effected by each other. Taking care of the little ones consumes a lot of energy and time, but it also inspires us a lot. The brand is really like another child of us, one that lives in between the other two like a sister/brother☺.

We work from home at the moment, we’re hoping to move to a bigger place with more room for work. We didn’t opt for an office outside of the home since we don’t really want to separate the brand and our life. It is like our child, and it is fun to see all our children ‘playing together’ sometimes.

Physically, it also saves a lot of time and energy travelling. The little ones are still so small that they need us around constantly. Founding the brand with a very young family is not a fancy tale; we have to find the best way of dealing with things and working in an efficient and comfortable way. Although that means sometimes we have to talk to a client on the phone while a baby is crying in the background!

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