5 Questions with with Lynsey from Bax & Bay

Our boutiques are often the creation of a single person with a great idea and huge amount of drive and passion. These brands are intrinsically connected with the personal story of their creator. Lynsey Burns founded her bright and sunny place, her brand Bax & Bay, as a way of doing good. Doing something positive for herself, for her local community and for society in general. Read on for lots of inspiration!

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1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live and about your family.

My name is Lynsey Burns, I am 41 and I am the owner and designer at Bax & Bay. I live with my husband, two sons (aged seven and four), our two dogs and two horses in a little village in the Highlands of Scotland. I moved back to Scotland after living in London and Los Angeles for 15 years. I only really came back for a holiday — but met my husband and the rest is history!

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2. Tell us a little bit about your brand and how you came to create your label.

We originally launched as Cub Bag with our unique 3 in 1 changing bag. However, the plan was always to do a range of creative projects. I changed the brand name to Bax & Bay, which allows us to be more diverse and build a full product range for parents and children.

We launched in August 2015 after developing the idea for the Cub Bag for two years. The idea had been there for a while but paid work always got in the way of getting it all going. I then fell pregnant with triplets but miscarried at twelve weeks. After the miscarriage I threw myself into getting the business set up. It was a way of channelling the grief into something really positive for our family. A difficult time, it really helped having something tangible to focus on. The brand name Bax and Bay comes from the names of my children Baxter and Bailey.

Being able to make charitable donations to causes close to our hearts is part of the business plan. I started to produce clothing as a channel to enable this. I’ve had a further three miscarriages and each time it happens I give all of our profits from that day away to charity – spreading some love definitely helps.

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3. What is important to you when designing your products?

I always design products with style and practicality in mind. There is absolutely no reason why mothers (or fathers) should have to compromise their individual style just because they become parents. I also look at using materials that we can source as close to home as possible. All of our bags are made here in the Highlands of Scotland and we use materials manufactured in Scotland. Our clothing is produced using 100% recycled cotton and printed locally.

We love that our products are made locally. It really all started because it was impossible for me to get away and meet with producers and manufacturers. I am determined to build a successful business from wherever we decide to live and it was great to find some brilliant seamstresses close to home. As we grow we would love to take over a unit and employ locally. It is so difficult for mums to find work in remote locations so to be able to employ local people, providing FLEXIBLE working hours would be our dream scenario.

4. You have a varied range of products in your collection – so this might be a tough question – but what’s your current favourite?!

I love our adult Rainbow hoodies. They are perfect year-round! Layering for Autumn walks, keeping cosy at home in winter, coping with the unpredictability of Spring, throwing on over swimsuits at the beach. I actually really like wearing it to ride my horse.

And I love our new, waxed cotton tote bags!

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5. What’s next for Bax & Bay?

There are so many ideas and never enough time to make them all a reality! I am currently working on a couple of next bag designs and extending our range so it’s not solely focused on changing bags. As my sons get older we seem to need more space for gear so this is reflected in my ideas. Bax & Bay launched waxed cotton, oversized, tote bags this summer and I have a beautiful new bag planned for Autumn 2017! Also for Autumn / Winter we are continuing to produce our popular Cub Bag and rucksack, with new colour ways and design tweaks.

We launched a Vintage clothing charity project this spring, which I love working on. Our website now features a beautiful range of vintage dresses available at affordable prices and 70% of sales goes to charity.

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I have also been working on children’s books for the past couple of years and the next goal will be to get these published. I would love to do it before my sons get too old to enjoy them so need to get a move on as they are growing up way too fast!

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