Ten Favourite Posts from the Past Ten Years!

To celebrate our 10th birthday we’ve dug deep into the archives to find ten favourite posts from the last decade. Just looking back through the archives reminds me how diverse the topics are and also how many fun ideas we’ve shared. Here are ten of our favourites:

1. We loved reading all the comments in this post about how often you bathe your children. It was fascinating to read the cultural differences and opinions!

2. It was hard to choose from all the wonderful birthday party ideas, but Pim’s Lego-themed birthday party was such a great one with so many cute ideas from lego face juice glasses to balloons!

3. We loved this post from Emilie in which she asks if we women are our own worst enemy? She writes about how working mothers are criticised for neglecting their children and for putting work before family while stay-at-home mothers are criticised for not contributing to the finances of the family and for having an ‘easier’ life. It seems we can’t do anything right! Why do we put these pressures on ourselves and others? A beautifully written post and definitely a favourite.

4. It seems that foods and eating is a much-debated and sensitive topic amongst parents. But differences aside, it seems we all hope our children will be adventurous, healthy eaters. Esther shares her tried and tested tips for raising good eaters and we love these tips!

5. There are so many wonderful recipes from the past ten years and it was impossible to choose favourites, but in this post Esther shares not one but THREE of her go-to quiche recipes. And Esther is the master of the quiche, so…!

6. Esther has shared lots of sweet creative posts in The Little Things series, and we especially love one of the first posts where she shares how to make a child’s apron from a simple tea towel. Such a fun little sewing project with the cutest result (and look at little Ava!).

7. Emilie talks about her trilingual upbringing (French, German and English!) and shares some helpful tips for raising children to be bi-lingual. What a gift to give your children — the ability to speak and understand multiple languages!

8. This post where I shared my opinions about TV and electronics turned out to be more controversial than I expected — with lots of people weighing in with their own opinions. This is one of the things I love most about Babyccino — that we can celebrate our different parenting techniques by raising topics that lead to healthy discussions and debates.

9. We’ve shared so many wonderful craft projects over the years — just looking back at all of them makes me feel so inspired to be more crafty with my kids! In 2010 Esther shared how she made stick horses for Sara’s birthday party. I love this idea — both for a fun craft project as well as for birthday party entertainment.

10. I wrote this post about sleeping with your baby when Marlow was seven months old — the same age that Wilkie is now! I actually find it reassuring to read and think back to that time, and to know that Marlow eventually became a really good sleeper. It is a reminder to me to enjoy these sleepless nights with Wilkie because this phase passes quickly. I hope it makes others feel the same way too.


Do you have any favourite posts not mentioned above? We’d love to hear what posts have resonated with you. x


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Annie from Brimful
October 27, 2017

All great posts! You will laugh, but one of my favorite posts is from way way back…the one where Courtney got her wallet stolen! I loved it because it was so relateable….every mother must have felt that same way once….whereby for one reason or another, our last shred of feeling stylish was suddenly taken away. The good news is we all recover and find a new sense of self and fashion 😉. ❤️❤️❤️

Annie from Brimful
October 27, 2017

*relatable, I mean!

Lizzy in Minnesota
October 30, 2017

I love all of these posts as well (actually…all of your posts have been so wonderful to read!). I also appreciated a post from several years ago about preventing sibling rivalry. As a mamma of 2 girls, I’ve taken this post to heart and try to be mindful of how best to strengthen their bonds. And I sincerely hope that as they grow up, their bond extends past that of sisters to good friends!

November 6, 2017

Courtney and Ester I read your posts about children and electronics/phones and found them thought provoking. I’d be very interested to know whether it has become harder to manage this as the children are growing up and going to secondary school. I have 4 children, my eldest 2, 14 and 12, have phones as they travel to school independently. We have strict rules about leaving phones in the kitchen when they return from school, but social media is a part of their lives now. They have a healthy relationship with it but it strikes me that they would be happier without it. I’m wondering whether I can avoid giving my younger 2 kids phones when they reach secondary school age or whether this is unfair.

Courtney in Australia
November 7, 2017

Hi Teresa,
Thanks for your thoughtful comment and questions.
I think it’s different for everyone as we are all in different circumstances. My children (my eldest two are 12 and 10) still don’t have mobile phones or electronic devices. Living in a small town, I don’t find that there is any need for my kids to have a phone. If they need to call me after school, for example, they can ask to use the phone in the office. Sometimes my son will even call me from an adult’s phone if he really needs to get a hold of me. (I’ve explained that he can always ask to borrow someone’s phone if he needs to call me urgently.)
I know a lot of my friends in London who have kids Easton’s age have given their kids phones. Most of them, in fact!
I’m thankful that we live in a place where Easton doesn’t feel peer pressure to have a phone. Hardly any of his friends have phones or are on social media, so it’s not something he is attracted to.
I still maintain that phones (and social media) are addictive and distracting, and the longer we can keep our kids off them, the better.

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