Ten Questions with Esther

To celebrate Babyccino’s 10th Birthday, we thought it would be fun to share interviews with the three of us. We are often asked to answer questions for other blogs and websites, but we’ve never actually answered them for our own. So why not?! We came up with ten fun questions featuring the number 10. And Esther is first up! Here goes…

1. Describe your ten-year-old self. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give that ten-year-old girl?

When I was ten years old I loved spending time outside with my pony and our other animals. I also loved reading and drawing — being an only child, I was good at keeping myself entertained! I also remember undertaking cute craft and sewing projects with my mum, or baking cookies together. And running through the cornfields with my neighbour friends! I was a happy girl, very empathetic, outgoing, positive and witty. I also was so very naive though! I grew up quite protected, and I think that that ten-year-old girl could have been a bit better prepared for the challenges and changes she was going to face during puberty. She also, perhaps, could have used a bit more emotional wisdom, to prepare her better for the losses she would suffer later in life. But that 10-year-old girl became who I am now, and even though I am far from perfect (and still so naive and emotional!), I love who I am, where I am in my life and who I am with. So you know what — I think I would tell that girl to keep doing what she’s doing, because in the end, everything will be ok.

2. If you could have 10 extra minutes every morning, what would you do? Sleep in? Do yoga? Spend more time choosing an outfit?

I would stay in bed a bit longer (I love it there!) and, combining the best of both worlds, cuddle up with my husband and kids.

3. You arrive to the school gates 10 minutes early to pick up your kids. You pick up your phone. What do you do (emails? Instagram? Pinterest? games?)?

I check my email and see I if can squeeze in a bit more work. I love how flexible our job is, but there is always so much do! I use every spare minute I have in the day to get things done.

4. You win the lotto of £10,000. How do you spend it?

Sensible answer: put it into our pension fund. Sensitive answer: book tickets to Byron Bay to spend a few weeks with Courtney and her family (and bring Emilie and her girls along, of course)!

5. You have ten minutes to prepare a meal for your family. What do you make?

Spaghetti Carbonara with a nice salad.

6. You have ten hours on an airplane ALL BY YOURSELF with a library of every movie and TV series ever released. What do you watch?

Since I have children, I can’t deal with too much sadness or drama on screen so I would probably watch as many feel-good movies as I could squeeze in those 10 hours! I also love any sort of ‘Sex in the City’ kind of series (maybe I would even just watch those again?).

7. Aliens are invading your house and you have time to grab 10 items (not including people). What do you grab?

  1. The hard drive with old photos
  2. The sculpture of when I was pregnant with Pim, and holding baby Sara, that my mum made of me
  3. The little box with family jewellery
  4. Our photo albums, from when I still had time to make photo albums, and from when we still had print photos
  5. Our cat
  6. The artwork of my kids
  7. Our wedding and birth certificates
  8. The artwork above our sofa
  9. The baby heirlooms
  10. My phone (not because it means so much to me but just so I can call my doctor because I’m seeing aliens)

8. You can spend ten minutes with any famous person. Who would you pick?

Cleopatra. Such an intriguing woman, living in such a spectacular time in history!

9. What is something about your current self that would surprise the person you were ten years ago?

I don’t think me-ten-years-ago would EVER believe that in ten years time she would be pregnant with our fifth baby!!! (The photo above is from exactly ten years ago when we had just moved from London to Amsterdam. Look at baby Pim!)

10. What do you hope your life will look like ten years from now?

I hope to be in the same happy place as I am right now — I don’t really care where I am or what I do, as long as I’m with the people I love.


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October 24, 2017

What a beautiful post, Esther!! Congratulations on the wonderful community and business you’ve created over these past ten years. I’ve really enjoyed your content 🙂
On a side note, I think your eldest daughter looks so much like you in your portrait photo!! Gorgeous xx

October 24, 2017

What a fun interview!!! And loved the answers Esther, and OMG Sara looks exactly like you at 10 😍

October 25, 2017

So Beautiful Esther!!! That was great!!

October 25, 2017

Thanks for this happy and honest interview!

Emilie in Paris
October 25, 2017

Such a great interview of a fabulous person xxxx

Courtney in Australia
October 25, 2017

I loved reading your answers. And someone please give this woman £10K so she’ll come visit us in Byron Bay!!! 🙂

October 25, 2017

The idea with these interviews is just sooo good. I especially love your answer to the first question, such beautiful words!!!

Annie from Brimful
October 26, 2017

This interview was lovely….you are such a joy to be around Esther! ❤️

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