Marionnette Puppet Shows in little theatres across Paris

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I cannot believe that I waited until my daughter was four to visit one of the Marionnette puppet shows. What a sweet effortless yet culture-rich activity for small children from one year old up to adults.

We walked by the theaters in the Buttes Chaumont and the Jardin Luxembourg several times but I just couldn’t imagine that my daughter would understand everything that was going on and hang in there sitting still. I was very very wrong! She loved it and laughed non-stop! (In hindsight I’m not sure where my worries came from considering she has no problem sitting still forever glued to the Ipad at times.) These shows are also great for children new to French because all kids speak the language of laughter and physical comedy. And these puppets on strings get pretty crazy.

Marionnette Puppet theatres in Paris. More on Marionnette Puppet theatres in Paris. More on

There are several little theaters across Paris, mostly in parks, dating back to the 19th century. The main character or narrator of all the shows is Guignol, who has the children engaged, shouting and laughing throughout the 30 to 45 minutes show. The shows are often classics like Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, or French fables. However there are new stories as well to coincide with certain holidays or times or year. We have seen two shows in the Buttes Chaumont and one in Jardin Luxembourg. Both theaters had an intermission, and the show we saw in the Buttes Chaumont rolls out this little trolley with snacks and drinks for the kids to buy. I also appreciated the show at the Buttes Chaumont was only 30 minutes long, as opposed to 45 minutes in Luxembourg, which was just a tad too long for for 2-3 year olds in my opinion. (They still loved it but started playing musical chairs and moving around.) No matter what length the show, the kids are entertained, get a little culture bomb, and then run wild and free in the park post show. You can’t go wrong with that.

Marionnette Puppet theatres in Paris. More on

Almost all the Guignol theaters are open during school holidays, weekends, and Wednesdays, so be sure to check the websites for shows and schedules. There are many beautiful theaters across Paris, and below is a small selection located in popular parks you might find yourself visiting often.

Enjoy! xx, Ajiri

Les Marionnettes du Champ de Mars
On Allée du Général Margueritte, in the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower
01 48 56 01 44
4,50€ per ticket

Théâtre des Marionnettes du Jardin du Luxembourg
Enter the park Rue Guynemer
Paris 75006
01 43 29 50 97
6,30€ per ticket

Théâtre des Marionnettes du Parc Georges Brassens
Enter the park across from 87 rue de Brancion
Paris 75015
01 48 42 51 80
4,00€ per ticket

Marionnettes du Parc Montsouris
Enter the park near 23 bis Avenue Reille
Paris 75014
06 07 77 85 42
4,50€ per ticket

Le Guignol de Paris
Enter the park near 1 rue Botzaris
Paris 75020
06 98 99 66 24
5,00€ per ticket


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