Team Favourites: Twelve Autumn Books

Autumn is the perfect time for retreating, relaxing, and reading some more (not that we ever need an excuse!).  The start of a season is a great time to welcome new seasonal books into your home. Not only does it refresh the library and keep things interesting, but it is timely, connects children to nature, and sparks their curiosity. And, it’s fun!

The Babyccino team has collected a dozen of our family’s favourite Autumn Books, and even shared a few photos of our children reading them  — in Amsterdam, New York and London. A good way for you to get a sneak preview at the gorgeous illustrations in the books we recommend!

A dozen Babyccino’s Best Autumn Books :

  1. The Fox and the Star — Beautifully illustrated book about a fox in the forest who one day misses his best friend, a star in the sky… — Esther 
  2. Autumn — Like all the Gerda Muller Seasons books, we love this one for the way the beautiful illustrations invite discovery and discussion. — Shannon
  3. Tree : Seasons Come, Seasons Go — It is a simple yet striking book with seasons changing and lovely little rhymes with sweet peek thru images. — Lara
  4. The Very Busy Spider — Autumn is all about spiders and no small child can ever get enough of this classic by Eric Carle. They love following the silk thread all through the book. — Esther
  5. Leaf Man — This book takes readers on an adventure and all the illustrations are copies of real leaves, so it is very layered and very realistic. My daughter loves finding hidden little animals made of leaves. You will want to create leaf animals after this book! — Lara
  6. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn — A great read to transition into the full Autumn mode! — Lara 
  7. The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night — My daughter loves music and singing, so this classic folksong in book form (with accompanying music) is a favorite. The illustrations bring me right back to the Vermont autumns of my childhood. — Shannon
  8. Room on the Broom — We love Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler and their genius exists in this book as well. It is very good for Halloween! — Lara 
  9. Children of the Forest — It’s no secret I love foraging and this book shows the magic of all the discoveries in the woods. — Vanessa 
  10. Autumn Story (Brambly Hedge) — Oh, the sweet mice of Brambly Hedge! We adore the whole collection, but Autumn Story is just right this time of year with a tale of adventures gone just a bit awry, wet and blustery weather, and the joy of being back at home and cozy again. — Shannon
  11. Tap the Magic Tree — Such a fun interactive book for young children. Showing a tree in all four stages throughout the seasons teaches children show much about weather patterns. My girls love this book! — Vanessa
  12. Autumn : An Alphabet Acrostic — Containing 26 acrostic poems, one for each letter of the alphabet, this book celebrates all the very best part of fall with calm, spare, verse and gorgeous hand-colored block print illustrations. Such a fun way to incorporate poetry into time spent reading together. — Shannon

We also shared a Team Favourite Summer Book post, (and I was so inspired by everyone’s suggestions at the time that I bought most of the books on the list). And when my daughter recently asked me where all of our Autumn themed books are, I realised we needed this post. So yes, again I bought most of these Autumn books too. They have become fast favourites, and we hope you will enjoy them as well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂 …  Please share your favourite Autumn books with us, we would love to know. After all, can you ever have too many great books?…


P.S. And while you are enjoying early evenings, cuddling under duvets, and reading your Autumn books with your family, consider these fabulous fall leaf lanterns. A little candlelight at home can make story time that much cosier!


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