Zandvoort Beach — a short train ride from Amsterdam

The Dutch seaside is a beautiful place to escape to if you want some fresh air, or simply to see it — and luckily it is very easy to reach from Amsterdam and makes for the perfect daytrip out of town. Zaandvort Beach is Amsterdam’s nearest and easiest accessible beach via public transport (there are many other beaches and seaside destinations that can be reached by car if you happen to have one). From the central station it is a 30-minute train ride to Zaandvort aan Zee – where the train station is within a short walking distance from the main beach.

One of the nicest things about coming here is how well equipped with amenities the long and expansive coastline is, so you really don’t need to pack much for your day. There are playgrounds, fish trucks (selling popular fried fish called “kibbeling”) and many different beach restaurants, bars and cafes dotted along the beach. Most places are very child friendly, and the best part is that they all face onto the broad, spacious beach — the perfect playground for your children!

The ocean is calm and the water is far from the cafes so it is a very safe and relaxing environment for even younger kids to enjoy. It truly feels like one giant, endless sandpit and they can spend hours playing and foraging for shells, crabs, shellfish and other treasures.

Among our favourite spots to stop is Hippie Fish – a trendy yet laid back restaurant bar which has the perfect relaxed atmosphere and the most beautiful decor! Here you can while away many hours, the menu has a lovely selection of food for lunch and dinner as well an extensive bar menu. Whilst not all of the beach pavillions are open all year round (Hippie Fish along with others close over the Winter months) there are many places –such as Tijn — that stay open and are a great spot to cosy up in even during the Winter.

On hot summer days Zandvoort beach gets very busy as most crowds from Amsterdam tend to flock to there. However it is equally (and arguably more so) enjoyable in the quieter and cooler times of the year, especially if you get lucky with some sunshine!



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