De Bakkerswinkel

Of the many things to love about Amsterdam, certainly one aspect that makes the city all the more enjoyabe as a young family is how child friendly it is. In the Netherlands children are not only accepted, but they are welcomed as a part of life: they are both seen and heard — and this ethos is truly reflected in the cafes and restaurants around town also.

De Bakkerswinkel is a gorgeous bakery situated along a quiet canal in the beautiful Westerpark, and – as with most places around Amsterdam – although it does not strictly cater to children, it is incredibly child-friendly. The food and drinks are simple but flavoursome and of course largely focused around the delicious baked goods which are freshly baked in-house. In addition, De Bakkerswinkel also make all their own jams, scones, quiches, soups and cakes.  Whilst there is a small selection of children’s options on the menu, most of the lovely offerings are quite child friendly anyhow so there is a lot to choose from for everyone. Inside you can also find a large container filled with toys and books to entertain your little ones while you enjoy a relaxed breakfast or lunch.

The atmosphere is very laid back, and there is an adjoining take-away shop for if you prefer to venture further into the Westerpark and set up your own picnic. Another fun thing you can enjoy at De Bakkerswinkel is High Tea – with both sweet and savoury options as well as the addition of bubbly if you feel so inclined!

De Bakkerswinkel is a great spot to pause and take in the beautiful and unique surroundings of the Westergasfabriek, and once you’ve filled up on delicious baked treats you can walk it all off wandering through the Wetserpark where there are many more cafes, restaurants and playgrounds to enjoy.


De Bakkerswinkel – Amsterdam West

Regulateurshuis 1, Polonceaukade 1
1014 DA Amsterdam
Tel.: 020- 6880632
Monday – Thursday: 08.30-17.00 hours
Friday: 08.30-18.00 hours
Saturday – Sunday: 10.00-18.00 hours


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