Getting Around Paris

Getting around Paris is, contrary to popular belief, relatively easy. It is actually quite small, so a lot of sights and destinations can be visited by foot. Most main attractions are relatively close together, with the main ones aligned along the Seine. The banks of the Seine are now car free so they are now the perfect walk way to explore the city.


But kids do get tired after a while, so download the RATP (the public transportation service) application. This application exists in French and in English. The journey planner works really well and all the transportation maps are available with one click.

The Paris Metro is very efficient, if sometimes a little bit crowded. But it is difficult to get buggies in an out as there are stairs everywhere.

We love taking local buses around Paris. They are much more accessible than the metro and have areas reserved for push chairs. You will find all the routes and destinations on the RATP application. They have become relatively quick due to bus lanes springing up all over the city.  

Parisian Taxis have come a long way in the last few years. Their bad reputation is slowly but surely improving. Taxi G7, a local Parisian taxi company, has car seats and yet again a simple, English speaking application, to download on your phone. They do airport pickups at a fixed price and function as a taxi service all around Paris.

If you have older children, think about using Velib’s. These are the public bicycles which you will see around Paris. Yet again, there is a handy app you can download on your phone. You can buy tickets at the all the pillars that are right by the Velib stands and it is such a fun way to explore the city. Beware though, traffic can be quite hectic – so plan your route a little bit ahead. A really fun way of using the Velib’s is by cycling around the borders of the Seine, which are now car free.


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