The first trimester of your pregnancy | what essentials do you need?

The first trimester of your pregnancy is a time of excitement and giddiness, of insecurity and of physical unease. It is also a time of waiting and very often of hiding the first signs of being pregnant!

This pregnancy, I nearly entirely missed my first trimester. By the time I found out that I was expecting a baby (yay!), I was already nearly 12 weeks pregnant! This did, however, make me very much aware of the most essential things one needs in the first trimester. I thought I’d share them with you here: some things to make you feel better, healthier, and definitely more comfortable!

what to get in the first trimester

10 essentials you need in the first trimester

  1. Multi-vitamin: If you’re not taking one already, this is the first product I recommend you get. Folic acid is important for the development of the baby in the first trimester, as well as vitamin D. Plus there are a variety of other supplements that will help you feel better. I don’t have a specific brand to recommend because I feel it’s kind of personal as to what you prefer, also with regards to how nauseous you are. If you’re suffering from iron deficiency, Floradix can help (it can help ease nausea too).
  2. Comfy bra: One of the first signs of pregnancy are swollen, sensitive boobs. A soft, stretchy bra without underwire can be so soothing to wear. The organic cotton Fast Food bra by Boob Design and Seraphine’s bamboo viscose bra are both super comfortable and have a great stretch. These will get you through pregnancy and are suitable for breastfeeding too.
  3. Facial cleanser: Your skin can start breaking out more than usual during the first trimester, so taking care of your face is extra important. I felt that investing in a nice, natural face wash was helpful and it definitely made me feel better.
  4. Herbal tea: I’m drinking herbal tea all day long now that I’m pregnant! Ginger and lemon is always a favourite (and ginger helps with nausea too). There are also some specific pregnancy teas on the market that I enjoy drinking.
  5. 9 Months book: Do you already have children and are you ready to break the news that they are going to be a big brother or sister soon? Our book ‘9 months‘ helps to explain how the baby develops and grows in your womb, and talks about how mama is feeling too. Full of fun and relevant facts and beautifully illustrated! Available from Amazon (UK and US).
  6. Dental floss: I honestly am so bad with flossing, but during pregnancy it is important to take good care of your teeth and to floss regularly. Your body may not fight off plaque as easily as it normally does.
  7. Comfy leggings: I feel that the first trimester is a bit too early to invest in maternity clothing, but comfy leggings are essential. If you don’t already own one, these Storq maternity leggings are a team favourite and would be a good investment.
  8. Toast with avocado: Eating constantly helped me with feelings of nausea during my first trimester. I specifically loved toast with avocado, but dry crackers are great too. Whatever works!
  9. Pregnancy app: I gave away all of my pregnancy books after my last pregnancy. But I love the pregnancy app I recently downloaded on my phone — a handy way to keep track of how many weeks you are (I always forget!), and with fun daily and weekly updates about your baby’s growth and your body’s wellbeing.
  10. Water bottle: Being pregnant makes you incredibly thirsty! Keep a water bottle in close proximity at all times.

xxx Esther

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