Organic baby scarves (or drool catchers/bibs/burp cloths!)

Wilkie turned six months old last week, and suddenly he’s doing all sorts of new ‘tricks’ — like getting teeth (drooling a lot) and eating three meals a day (constantly making a mess of his clothes). These organic cotton baby scarves from Hauptli Haus Kids have become a wonderful staple in our house.

Not only are they pretty to look at (the colours!), but the scarves are biodegradable, made from organic and fair-trade cotton, are chemical free and safe for biological systems. They are made with 100% renewable energy and greenhouse emissions are compensated, making them the first children’s product to reach the gold level of certification through the Cradle to Cradle Innovations Institute. So cool!

We keep a stack in our kitchen and use them mostly as bibs. I love how easy they are to quickly tie on, and they serve as a soft cloth to wipe up messy hands and faces after each meal. The perfect bib in my opinion!

Courtney x


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Esther in Amsterdam
September 25, 2017

Love these!! And LOVE that cute photo of Wilkie!! xxx

September 25, 2017

He’s the cutiest

January 21, 2018

Hi! Can you please tell me where the high chair is from in this photo? Thanks so much!

Courtney in Australia
January 22, 2018

Hi Devi,
The highchair is by Stokke. It’s the Trip Trap high chair.

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