Beautiful, handcrafted furniture from Kalon Studios

My friend, Michaele, and her husband Johann, started Kalon Studios back in 2007 shortly after the birth of their first daughter. They struggled to find a crib that met their needs in terms of design and sustainability, so they decided to create their own. Within a year of creating that first crib, Kalon was winning awards for their sustainable approach, and was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential green companies in the world.

Over the past ten years, Kalon has expanded their collection to include a full range of furniture, from beautiful nursery pieces to living room and kitchen furniture, all of it non-toxic, fully sustainable and domestically produced. (Each piece is handcrafted by a small team of highly skilled traditional craftspeople in New England using timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forests.)

What I love the most about the Kalon pieces, apart from how beautiful every single piece is, is the fact that they have been designed with flexibility of use and durability in mind. The hope is that the products will be used and loved for a lifetime because they can adapt to the ever changing needs of the family. The Caravan Crib, for example, can be converted to a platform-style toddler bed as your child grows. I knew, when I became pregnant with Wilkie, that if I was going to invest in a new crib for him, I wanted it to be this one — a piece of furniture we’d keep and use for years to come, rather than something we’d only need for a few short years.

Another one of my favourite Kalon pieces is the Divan Twin, or the ‘Daybed’, as we like to call it. This beautiful piece can either be a twin bed in a bedroom or a lounge/daybed in a living room space — depending on how you style it and where it’s positioned in your home.

We have a little sun room at the front of our house that has big windows on all sides. It’s one of the brightest, sunniest spots in our house — with sun pouring in from early morning until late afternoon. I just knew I wanted to put a daybed in this room to create a cosy spot for lounging, reading, sun-soaking, cat-napping, etc., and I’m so thankful we did because it’s honestly the best spot in the whole house! I’ve shared a few photos of this space above. How beautiful is the daybed?! I think it might be my favourite piece of furniture we’ve ever owned.

Kalon Studios is based in the Los Angeles, CA with a second base in Germany, so the furniture is made to order and available both in Europe and America.  Here in Australia, Kalon furniture can be ordered online at the wonderful Kido Store (if it says ‘sold out’ online, it’s worth enquiring about upcoming availability, as they receive regular shipments from the US).

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