Millk for your baby

Isn’t it funny how our environment can alter our fashion style and clothing choices? Not just the weather, but the vibe of a place — it can have such an impact on our lifestyle choices. Since moving to Byron, I’ve noticed a shift in the way I dress my kids. Here, I am all about ease and comfort, with laid-back, more relaxed clothing styles — shoes optional. : ) When we lived in London, I remember having a basket of hair bows and accessories for the girls, and their outfits were much more tailored and structured with lots of coordinating layers.  Here, it’s about throwing one thing on and being able to walk out the door. I even sent Ivy to school today with 3-day-old braids in her hair. Haha.

Speaking of laid-back children’s clothing, one of my favourite local brands, Millk, has mastered the cool and comfortable vibe.  Founded by two of my good friends, Amelia and Karla, the Millk collection has been designed and handmade with comfort, style and practicality in mind. These are clothes to be worn day in and out, played in, lived in and then passed onto siblings or friends. With many of the styles and colours being gender neutral, the Millk clothing can be worn by boys and girls up to age five.

The new spring collection at Millk has just launched, and while it is designed for spring/summer here in Australia, many of the pieces are perfect for layering and lounging whatever the season. Wilkie has a few of the onesies, which are so wearable, and I’m in love with the terry pants and sweatshirts.

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