Add a slackline to your outdoor adventures!

We had an awesome holiday this summer — simple, refreshing and surrounded by good friends. It has been a hectic year, so it was especially wonderful for the whole family to be able to sleep for hours and never get out of our pyjamas. Our batteries have been recharged! We tried out new recipes, sat around campfires and roamed around the woods close to our little house. But there is always a little voice within me that needs me to have a purpose. Try as I might to shut it down and just be – it did not work!  So we used that surplus energy to motivate the team and build a treehouse together!

It started off with a few branches to create a platform in the trees but it ended up with an entrance, a secret path, a lookout tower and also an escape route via a Slackline I had picked up at the ShopUp in London last December from Conscious Crafts.

Now, it is not the quickest escape route, as we all had to concentrate and balance and hold on to the tree – but it was so much fun that a quick escape ended up not being that important.  ; )

We are now back in Paris and starting to get ready for school — but we are still powered by the energy we tanked up on whilst on holiday!



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September 4, 2017

So fun I want to do this in my Garden!!!!!

Esther in Amsterdam
September 5, 2017

Me too!

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