Paint Card Mosaics – A Colourful Abstract Art Project for Kids

I’m a sucker for paint colour cards — they always make me think of rainbows. If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve got a stack of them lying around in a drawer at home. If so don’t throw them out! Get your children’s creative juices flowing by recycling them into fun paint card mosaics. They are easy to make, reusable and best of all mess free.

Paint Card Mosaics

You’ll need a good selection of bright colours and a single shaped hole punch. We used a medium sized circle punch but you can find all sorts of different shapes and sizes here. Or you can simply cut the pieces up with scissors. Triangles and rectangles work really well for bold geometric artworks.

Paint Card Mosaics

Cut up the individual colour strips and start punching out your chips. This part is actually really fun for kids and makes the prettiest confetti. Now grab a piece of plain paper and start creating. It’s really that simple. My kids love the freedom of being able to move the pieces around and try out different colour combinations.  Unlike painting, if you make a mistake you just undo it.

Paint Card Mosaics

Paint Card Mosaics

We keep our colour chips in a jar and reuse them again and again, my kids are always dipping into the jar to try out new creations. I may have sneaked the odd go myself and I have to admit it’s actually a really therapeutic activity. Of course you can also stick the pieces down with glue if you want to save the finished paint card mosaics.

Have a go — it’s a really fun craft project, perfect for brightening up a grey rainy day!

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Enjoy, Kate x


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Esther in Amsterdam
September 1, 2017

I love this so much! What a fun and happy idea!! xx

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