Homemade Lavender Essential Oil

If I had to choose my favorite summer smell it would be the smell of the sea and lavender. Unfortunately I can’t bottle up the first one but I can do that with the lavender! And if only I knew how very easy it is to do it I’d make tens of them every year.

I always wanted to make my own essential oils but I also knew now that distillation is not a simple process and the essential oil still is quite expensive and big. But what I didn’t know until this year is that you can also make one with a non-distilling approach. I found a great recipe on this site and all I can say is that I am super thrilled and surprised by how amazing it turned out given it took me almost no time to make.

The only ingredients you need are:
-Lavender buds and flowers (dry)

You also need:
-Mortar (or a bowl and a wooden spoon)
-Coffee filters or gauze/cloth
-Two clean jars (one with a tight-fitting lid)
-Elastic band

If you don’t have dry buds and flowers yet, first strip them of the stem and dry them out in a shade for at least 24 hours.
Now place them in a mortar and crush lightly (!) just enough to release the aromatic oil.

Put the crushed buds in a jar, pour vodka over to cover them, close with a lid and shake the jar a few times a day, every day for about a week.

Now strain. I used two pieces of gauze folded several times (but I recommend coffee filter instead) and strain the liquid into a new, clean jar.

Place a couple pieces of gauze/cloth or a coffee filter over the jar and wrap an elastic band around the lid to keep it in place. Leave it undisturbed on a shelf, away from direct sunlight, for a week to allow the alcohol to evaporate.
After a week check if there are any sediments on the bottom of the jar and strain again using a clean coffee filter or a couple of cloths or pieces of gauze.

That is it! It’s recommended to keep the essential oil in a dark-colored glass and away from the sun.

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