Super Cafe, a kid-friendly cafe and restaurant in the 20th | More on Super Cafe, a kid-friendly cafe and restaurant in the 20th | More on

Super Cafe, a kid-friendly cafe and restaurant in the 20th | More on Super Cafe, a kid-friendly cafe and restaurant in the 20th | More on Super Cafe, a kid-friendly cafe and restaurant in the 20th | More on Super Cafe, a kid-friendly cafe and restaurant in the 20th | More on Super Cafe, a kid-friendly cafe and restaurant in the 20th | More on

According to my four-year-old daughter and her best friend, the playroom at SUPER Café is “super cool!” And as I am a big fan and a frequent visitor to the recent crop of dining spots in Paris which cater for the little ones (meaning I am a credible critic of playrooms), I’m going to have to agree with my girl. SUPER Café in the 20th is a brilliant place to meet friends for a meal or a drink while keeping the kids happy too.

The owner, Sarah Trehin, ditched a career in law and opened SUPER Café a couple of years ago after her first child was born. She wanted to create a space where all ages could meet to break bread (or scarf fish and chips) and enjoy themselves, including the kids.

The vibe is intended to be Mom and Pop and I have to add with a dash of Paris flea market mash-up. The staff is friendly and warm. The decor is kind of crazy but sweet. There’s a 50s-inspired hodge-podge of plush chairs, linoleum tables, framed vintage posters, mid-century modern credenzas, tables, and busted-up toys alongside shiny new ones in the spacious playroom. If you are worried about your child playing too far away in a back room (and you shouldn’t be) there is also a cute cozy cabane in the dining area where they can climb up to read books. But in all honesty when more than one kid enters that space it usually turn into a giggly fight with the fire log and wood pillows.

One of the big plusses (and there are many) of SUPER Café is the closed-in terrace. If the weather is kind and you manage to score a seat at a table on the terrace or in a lounger you get to enjoy feeling truly relaxed while your kids zip around on wheeled toys (provided) in circles for hours without being endangered by cars or pedestrian traffic.

As for food, the menu, which changes daily, features choices based on the chef’s market finds but always with children in mind. We ordered fish and chips, sautéed fish in a white wine sauce with vegetables, cheeseburgers with fries, and a zucchini pasta bolognese. Everything was simple yet delicious and perfect for picky eaters. 

And if good food and a playroom aren’t enough, SUPER Café also offers classes for kids throughout the school year such as Zumba, music, and reading in English. You can visit their Facebook page for updated info.

On my first visit to this cafe I had a nice long chill conversation with a girlfriend over dessert and drinks. It was nice to enjoy that time with a friend with zero complaints from my daughter. Naturally I hurried back for a second visit, but this time with a few more friends and our meet up turned into an epic four-hour lunch while our kids played on happily. That my friends is my idea of a SUPER CAFÉ indeed.  

xx, Ajiri

16 rue de Fontarabie
75020 Paris
09 81 94 44 98

Opening Hours
Tues-Thurs 10.30am-9.30pm
Fri-Sat 10.30am-12.00am
Sun 10.30-7.30pm
Closed Mondays


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