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Personalised, handcrafted wooden toys. Perfect baby gifts!

Heather, a mum of two and the founder of Noc Noc Wooden Toys recently got in touch to say hello and introduce me to her brand. She’s a local mum, living just twenty minutes from me! (I continue to be blown away by the amount of creativity and talent that comes out of this area. Remember this post on other favourite local Byron Bay brands?)

Noc Noc Wooden Toys specialises in organic and handcrafted wooden rattles, blocks and teethers. All the products are made to order and handcrafted here in Australia from organic, sustainable wood. Heather sent me a little bundle with two personalised rattles for Wilkie, and they are so beautiful. Not only that, but he LOVES them. They fit perfectly into his little hands and make the most gentle knock-knock noise as they are shaken about. What a perfect new baby gift!

Courtney x


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May 28, 2020

Hi there. I recently purchased these engraved rattles for my kids even though the company said there were only a few left and were shutting down. They took my money and never sent the product. I wrote to Heather a couple of times and she said it had been shipped and she would send the confirmation but she never did and then she closed her email address and site down. I am extremely saddened by this and the fact that someone would steal money in this manner, during these difficult times, especially since I am out of work and to spend the little money I had when all i was trying to do was get a beautiful memory of my children and support a small business. Is there any way you can help me to get in contact with this her. I really am hoping that maybe this was some sort of mistake although I really am not sure that it is. Does she have a personal Instagram or another way I can reach out to her?
I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you

Esther in Amsterdam
June 1, 2020

Hi Silvana, I’m so sorry for this. We’ve heard this complaint from others. Unfortunately the only contact information we have the email address which is now expired. I really hope this will be sorted for you and you can get you money back (or will be sent the products you ordered). xxx

Tanya Mcmann
August 24, 2020

I had this same thing happen and am very upset. It’s now been 6 months and these were supposed to be beautiful gifts for my baby boy. Do you even have heathers last name? I just want a refund!

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