Team Favourites: Twenty Travel Essentials

best travel essentials

We have compiled 20 of the best travel essentials just in time for the summer holidays to begin! With lots of travelling under our belts and lots of great discoveries made along the way, this is a post the Babyccino team got really excited about.  Hopefully these tried and tested items will soon accompany you on your next holiday or vacation (yay!). So without further ado, here are our favourite travel essentials:

best travel essentials


  1. Audio Books — Ever since Courtney’s post on audio books I have started downloading books for our car journeys and never looked back since. – Emilie
  2. Backpacks for the kids — My kids each have one and I like that it keeps their own carry-on stuff (books, teddies, card games, etc.) seperate and organised. (I’ve shared our other favourite backpacks in a previous post.) – Courtney
  3. Big Muslin Squares — I’ve been using these a lot as towels, they absorb so well, dry quickly and can also be used as a blanket! – Esther 
  4. Merino wool layering basics — When it’s cold Smalls have a great collection of merino wool layers. They also have summery short sleeve shirts and rompers too. For warmer climates, we also love the organic cotton basics from Mabo. – Esther
  5. Solar-Powered Charger — We took this charger with us on our travels around the world and used it all the time whenever we needed to charge something and didn’t have access to a power point. – Courtney 
  6. Sip Snap Universal Travel Cup Lid — Turns any cup into something your little ones can drink from, so you don’t have to lug a load of sippy cups with you. Easy to clean in bathroom sinks. (We also love these Team Favourite Water Bottles ideas!) – Helen
  7. Journals — It keeps them entertained while traveling — gathering tickets, maps, etc — They can work/write/draw in their journals while we’re waiting for the food in restaurants! (Read this previous post about Travel Journals.) – Esther
  8. Saltwater Sandals — We love that these sandals double up as water shoes. We also love that they’re unisex so you can pass them down from one child to the next! Lots of lovely colours, too. – Emilie, Lara and Courtney
  9. Pac-a-Macs — Small to pack, works as a windbreaker or raincoat. Also good to recognise the kids in in busy places (like the airport). – Esther
  10. Native Shoes — They’re lightweight so easy to pack and they’re a sneaker and water shoe in one. Perfect! – Courtney 
  11. Magic Bear Bubbles –This may not seems like an essential to some, but with two little kids under the age of five, this is one of our favourite items to travel with. Spill free, the little hat unscrews and when you squeeze it the wand pops up to have a hands free bubble blowing party. We’ve used this countless times while waiting for trains, buses, and planes to keep the peace and entertain for hours. It is magic for little travellers! – Lara in London 
  12. Portable speaker — This one is waterproof, lightweight and allows you to listen to music anywhere from your holiday accommodation to the beach. We always travel with ours! – Courtney
  13. Wellies — Northern Europe… Need I say any more! But seriously, I like these wellies because they are rubber, breathable, comfortable enough to wear all day and relatively lightweight to pack. – Helen
  14. Warm Slipper Socks — So good for lazy mornings when it’s not super warm yet. Also see some suggestions on a previous post about socks and tights — Esther
  15. Straw Hats — We get a new one each summer and wear it until it has holes all over. It looks cute and it protects. Perfect! – Emilie  
  16. Warm Woolens — We always pack one warm jumper for each of the kids. (Good in combination with the pac-a-macs too). – Esther & Courtney 
  17. Tiny Backpack — One of our travel essentials especially when flying with only one bag in hand luggage. These are super practical and fold away. I find them easier for kids to carry than canvas bags. – Emilie
  18. Lale Eye Mask — This is a favourite for travelling. Each kid has their own eye mask, and in cool designs too. We go everywhere with ours. – Kate and Lara in London
  19. Buggy Cover — I like to have a compact buggy on holidays with little ones, so that naps can be taken and toddlers fed when you’re out for the day. My buggy seat is not removable / washable so I love to have a cotton buggy liner. It is more comfy for warm weather naps and so much easier to clean after the onslaught of food, suntan lotion, sand and dust! – Helen
  20. Colouring Pencil Wrap — Super easy to travel, it keeps art materials organised and keeps journaling easy and creative. – Kate

So please share, what are your favourite finds and travel essentials? We’d love to hear.

Lara. xx


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July 12, 2017

When taking the babies-we’ve always found it worth it to bring a hook-on durable high chair so we can all enjoy our meals more easily 🙂

Lara in London
July 12, 2017

Great idea. I have the Phil & Ted Lobster High Chair and we recently included it in a post on great newborn gifts as well…

Lila and huxley
January 30, 2018

Great Tips!

Jolene Ejmont
June 10, 2022

We frequent travel with our kids, we always have something to keep them busy during travel as well as extra snacks just in case. Thank you for your list.

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