Schmidt’s: A natural deodorant for the entire family

Natural deodorant

If you have a little girl around the age of nine, there’s a big fat chance that one day you will stand next to her and realise that it’s not your own armpits you’re smelling, but those of your daughter. Suddenly, that innocent baby of yours will have a first wave of hormones going through her body and she will need to wash more regularly and probably will need deodorant. I call this ‘Deodorant Day’. It’s a first!

When Deodorant Day happened to Sara when she was 9, and I was recovered from the initial shock, I started to look for natural deodorant alternatives. Of course we didn’t want to use aggressive, over-the-counter deodorants on that soft and fragile babyskin of hers!

We have now tried quite a few varieties, some we liked better than others. But our all time favourite is Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant. It’s entirely free of nasties and, because it’s a stick deodorant, so easy to use! We have tried ‘Geranium Flower‘, with a lovely, delicate scent, and the ‘Fragrance Free‘ variety. Both are very creamy and not sticky at all, and most importantly, they really work. Tamar and I both use these deodorants as well and we are equally enthusiastic.

Does ‘Deodorant Day’ sound familiar to you? Would love to hear. It’s quite something!

xxx Esther


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Vanessa in Scotland
July 4, 2017

‘Deodorant Day’ has hit this house too! Esther I am SO happy you’ve written this post. For the last year I’ve been on the search for a decent, ‘no-nasty’ deo for Helena. I do like Aesop’s spray version but find it rather expensive when she shares it out with the rest of her class on swimming days. I’m going to order Schmidt’s deodorant now. Thanks SO much for sharing. Here’s to sweet smelling summer days! xx

Annie from Brimful
July 4, 2017

Here in the US, we have a wonderful natural deodorant brand called Tom’s of Maine. It’s the one my daughter uses and so far, so good (meaning no BO on hot sticky days 😉).

Courtney in Australia
July 4, 2017

Haha! ‘Deoderant Day’ happens to little boys as well. 🙂 Both Easton (12) and Quin (10) have to wear deodorant. It’s funny because they don’t have any other signs of puberty… but the armpits! x

July 4, 2017

We realised Deodorant Day had arrived in our house when my youngest shouted out from the back of the car “Yuck! Mummy, Leo has caught puberty” We were driving home from sports and my 11yr old was clearly a bit whiffy 😂 Had to explain to the little one that puberty is not a disease!!

July 4, 2017

Oh I love this… why has nobody spoken about Deodorant Day before. I thought it was just my kids!!! It is definitely the very earliest sign of growing up… long before any other indicators, and my goodness it it hits hard!!! Girls and boys alike, long before I expected it. It is always a bit of a wake-up call (!) they do grow up so fast!!!

July 4, 2017

I love Schmidts! Just discovered the Lime & Bergamot scent at the New Seasons grocery store here in Oregon:)

July 5, 2017

Esther, where do you buy the Schmidt’s? I live in Belgium and have a hard time finding natural deodorant that works! I’ve heard good things about this one from several sources now.

July 5, 2017

Just noticed recently that my 10 year old boy needs deodorant! Thank you for the tip – will check out Schmidt’s here in Germany x

July 10, 2017

It happend around here too when daughther turned 11… We had “schmidt’s deodorant” too but we started to have some reaction probably with the bicarbonate of soda, but it’s still a super great deodorant. 🙂
We had to change to the deodorant ” Clémence et Vivien” and until now we are good.

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