Reversible clothing from Bonjour Maurice, practical and cute!

Bonjour Maurice is a new children’s clothing brand from Belgium and it has a unique concept: all of their clothing pieces are reversible! I can’t begin to tell you how clever I think this is. First of all — here you have two styles in one! Second — no more clothing worn inside out! Third — when dirty just wear the other side, so less laundry. Fourth: less stuff to bring when travelling. (We have been camping at the seaside this week, and the Bonjour Maurice pieces have come in so handy. A stain? No worries, just wear the other side!)

reversible clothing from Bonjour Maurice

I love the sweet and simple shapes of the collection. (It also makes it easy for children to dress themselves!) And the double style is so fun. Casper and Ava decide in the morning which side they feel like wearing. Casper for instance, tends to go for the more bold side of his pants (where I would naturally choose the plain blue one). And Ava has been telling me that when she was wearing her dress to school last week, she turned it around halfway the day. She went to the bathroom and returned with a ‘new’ look!

Besides the genius fact that the Bonjour Maurice clothes are reversible, which by itself is environmental friendly because of the fact that they can be washed less often, they are also made from 100% organic cotton and are produced locally in Europe. Garments are designed to be worn for a long time, with elastics at the waist and hems to roll and unroll, and the quality of the fabrics is strong so they can be passed on to younger siblings or friends. All so clever! But most important of all, of course, is that the kids love their Bonjour Maurice clothes. They are comfortable, cute, and fun!

xxx Esther


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