DIY Yarn Wrapped Letters

How fun and cheery are these yarn wrapped wall letters! We’re so pleased with how they turned out that I thought I’d share this simple DIY.

The method is quite self explanatory but here are some tips to help you on your way, you’ll need medium weight card, tracing paper, scissors and a selection of different coloured yarns.

To create the letter templates we picked out a font and font size that we liked on the computer and printed out our chosen word onto plain paper. We then traced the letters onto card using tracing paper. If you’ve got a steady hand you can of course draw the letters freehand to save time.

Start by knotting your first piece of wool around one end of the letter. Look for a good anchoring point where the wool won’t slip off and fasten with a double knot on the back.

Begin winding the wool around the letter covering as much of the card as possible. To start a new band of colour simply tie a different piece of wool to the end of the previous piece. Try and ensure that the joining knot is always on the back of the letter. Little ones may need help with this part.

Continue until the whole letter is covered then tie off the final loose end to some of the existing strands on the back.

We decided to jazz up our letters with a few small pompoms using the fork method which is so easy. You can see some really helpful diagrams in Esther’s previous pompom post here.

Simply wind a length of wool around the outer tynes of a fork – about 50 times. Then tie a separate 15cm piece of wool around the middle, passing between the centre tynes. Tie as tightly as possible then slide everything off the fork.

Cut through the loops of wool on either side and fluff up the pompom. Trim any stray ends to create a nice smooth sphere but leave the long piece of wool that you tied in the middle to attach the pompom to the letter.

I think these wall letters are a really cute way to add a pop of colour to a kids room. You can chose any word or simply use a child’s initials to hang above a bed or on a bookshelf. We love them, they’re such a happy sight and a good reminder to always start the day with a smile!

Kate x


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June 23, 2017

Can we please see a house tour of your home? Looks so pretty!

Kate in London
June 27, 2017

Hi Kate, we will definitely try and do a house tour soon.

Ella hughes
June 23, 2017

I’d second a house tour would be great – such a beautiful glimps of your home. Would you mind sharing please where you purchased your yarn? 💕

Kate in London
June 27, 2017

Hi Ella can you believe all these huge spools of wool were found in a thrift store by my amazing mum. I find thrift stores are a great place to find low cost wool but you can also try specialist weaving, knitting shops such as https://www.handweavers.co.uk

June 25, 2017

Source of wool yarn spools, please? Thanks.

Kate in London
June 27, 2017

Hi Rachy, thrift stores are my go to place for cheap wool but I also love https://www.handweavers.co.uk

Esther in Amsterdam
June 27, 2017

I love this idea!! And those yarns are SO pretty!! xxx

Lara in London
June 30, 2017

These are so cool! We are going to make them as end of year nursery school teacher gifts with their initials… (with 7 teachers homemade gifts are the way to go!).

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