‘Say Bonjour to the Lady: Parenting from Paris to New York’

One of the things I love most about this blog and our community of readers is being able to share and discover the cultural differences in parenting styles. For example, when I wrote a post asking how often you bathe your children, I found the responses to be so interesting on a cultural level. Same with the post about which foods to avoid during pregnancy. The way we parent our children and the decisions we make are often the result of where we live and how we’ve been raised ourselves.

This is why I love the new book, Say Bonjour to the Lady: Parenting from Paris to New York  — because it playfully points out the intricate differences between French and American parenting styles. For example, where French children are well-behaved and stylish, American children are self-confident and creative. The authors argue that neither one is better, both have their advantages, and the differences are displayed with sweet illustrations and simple, engaging text.

The book is written by Pauline Lévêgue and my gorgeous friend, Florence Mars, who, in addition to writing books is also the vice president of Bonpoint in the US.  Both women are French, both are mums and both now live in New York — the perfect people to write such a book.

Interestingly, although I am originally American, I found myself relating more to the French parenting styles, though I can so easily recognise the American ones. In either case, it’s an interesting dissection of the two different cultures portrayed with humour and warmth.

Which side of the scale would you fall? French or American?

Courtney x


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June 7, 2017

Obsessed with this book it is so spot on!!!!!!! It irritated me so much when I’m in the supermarket and hear mothers drawling ‘goood jaaaaab honey!’ When their child drops something in the. Cart. No!!! It’s not a good job!!!! Can you put the bread in the basket? Thank you! Arghhhh!!!

I loved this book so much it will be given as birthday gifts to girlfriends!

June 7, 2017

Irritates not irritated ***

June 10, 2017

Will be looking for this book at my local bookstore. Thanks!
Isn’t it Lévêque (not Lévêgue)? Which would be a very common French last name where I live…

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