Make your own Mouthwash

I was talking to Esther a few weeks ago and she asked me if I ever made a mouthwash myself and it was kind of funny because I was just thinking about trying to. Sadly most store-bought mouthwashes contain all sorts of toxins and chemicals that you don’t really need in order to fight bacteria and keep your breath fresh.

Do you know the tea tree essential oil? This liquid gold is something I always keep close to me. It works like a charm fighting bacteria (it kills herpes in a day!). So, after a short research I made a mouthwash with only three ingredients and my husband and I love it!

Here is the recipe:


-2 cups filtered water
-5 drops peppermint essential oil
-5 drops tea tree essential oil

Pour all the above into a bottle and shake well. Simple or what?

Polona x


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May 26, 2017

Tea tea oil is meant to be used externally (in low concentrations). It is poisonous to ingest. Publishing this kind of use of essential oils is super irresponsible. Here are two sources:

May 28, 2017

Dear Allison, thank you for your comment and your concern. I absolutely agree, tea tree oil can be poisonous if digested (especially undiluted) by small children, but this is not meant for small children and it should be spit out afterwards and NOT ingested by any means. Plus if you take a look at a recipe the concentration of tea tree oil is very, very low – 5 drops on half a litre of water. I truly believe this is much safer and natural alternative for to store-bought mouth wash.

May 29, 2017

Allison, don’t forget that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for any kind of Information.

May 31, 2017

If you check the citations, then Wikipedia can be as reliable or unreliable as any other source. In this instance, you can find many scientifically reliable sources that concur on this point. The poison control website suggests tea tree oil should not be used in or even around the mouth (so even if spit out, the potential toxicity is considered risky) Obviously everyone can make their own judgement call but just because something is “natural” or “homemade” does not make it safer. I suggest asking your doctor for advice about the safety of any natural products recipes.

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