The Micro Beach Wagon — an excellent companion, even in the city

One of the pesky little things of living in this beautiful city of mine is transport. All my friends who live outside of Paris own a car. The simplicity of jumping into a car and driving to a shop, loading the groceries or bigger items from the trolly to the boot of the car and unloading at the other end, is something I am sometimes quite envious of.

This is why I was just a little bit excited when I discovered the Micro Beach Wagon. Paris may not be close to a beach, but I reckon the wagon should be called the Micro City Wagon. It is so great — I have transported anything from plants, kids, groceries to bits and pieces of small furniture in it.

The genius thing about it is that it folds up like a pack and play, so it is easy to store away even in a Parisian-sized flat.

I am very much looking forward to taking the wagon to the beach this summer. Apparently the wheels work on sand , so it could be an excellent way to transport all our gear around beaches and campsites. It could possibly be a way to lose fewer flip-flops, hats, toys and other sundries that tend to disappear on the long walks home from the beach.



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