The new Free-to-Grow baby carrier by Tula

Until recently, if you had asked me what my favourite baby carrier was, I would have had a 3-part answer. I would have mentioned my favourite sling for the newborn days, a baby carrier to follow, and then a separate toddler carrier for when the baby is bigger. In the twelve years I’ve been a parent, having tried countless carriers, I thought I finally had the perfect baby-wearing solution.  But then Tula recently launched their Free-to-Grow baby carrier, a carrier which is fully adjustable to accommodate babies up to toddlers, and now I can happily report that there is need for only one carrier. Phew!

The new carrier from Tula has variable height and width settings so you can adjust it to work for tiny babies up to growing toddlers. Unlike other baby carriers, this new one does not require an infant insert for babies — so there’s no extra thing to fiddle with or grab as you’re running out of the house. You just need to grab the carrier and you’re set.

Having recently tried out all the different carriers I own, this one is my new favourite. And Wilkie agrees — he settles quickly the minute I put him in it and usually falls fast asleep. I’ve actually got him in the carrier as I type! Not sure how I’d get anything done without it!

Courtney x


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May 5, 2017

I love that there is no need for an insert and Wilkie doesn’t look lost somewhere deep inside! I wondered whether babies can face out with this carrier?

August 23, 2017

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May 30, 2019

Do you know what the design of this carrier is called? I love it!

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