Team Favourites: Best Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

best baby shower gift

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Do you have a signature newborn baby gift that you always give? Or gifts you’ve received that were just so thoughtful and unique?  That newborn baby time is so special — a time for fun and thoughtful gift giving, so we have curated our two dozen favourite gift ideas to share with you. With ideas that range from soft and cuddly, to useful, long lasting, practical, handcrafted, clever, memorable, and heirloom worthy. These are gifts that we love, and are winners!  We hope our ideas will inspire your gifting ideas.  And, of course, we would love to hear what your favourite gifts to give (and get!) for newborns are, too.

Enjoy this very big but very well considered round up…

best baby shower gifts for newborns

  1. Numero 74 Swaddle – Traditionally dyed and hand embroidered super soft blankets and quilts from Numero 74 and beautiful. (We also love their bibs!) – Lara in Paris
  2. Kleynimals – My daughter loved these keys so much as an infant, and they make a perfect gift engraved with the new baby’s name. They’re made here in the US from non-toxis stainless steel and their tiny size and included carry pouch makes them perfect for taking on the go. – Shannon
  3. Wee Gallery Cards – I love the baby art cards and soft books by Wee Gallery, they make such a sweet gift and come beautifully packaged. The cards can also be hung above a crib to make a mobile. – Kate
  4. Pat the Bunny – A classic book for all children, generations have had this in my family. – Lara in London
  5. Baby Sets from La Coqueta – Anything from La Coqueta is always a hit with my friends! (and me :))  The sweetest baby items, designed by a mum who has five children herself. – Lara in London
  6. Hazel Village – I love picking out an animal from Brooklyn-based Hazel Village and personalizing it with the new baby’s name or initials. – Shannon
  7. Teething Toy with Crochet Rattle – Easy to pop in the post for a sweet and thoughtful gift for new babies. – Courtney
  8. Grey Label Salopette – This salopette comes in the most beautiful soft organic cotton, is gender neutral and can be easily layered to work in any season. I love how it’s a classic yet modern style that will stand the test of time and think it is just the sweetest. – Vicky
  9. Lobster High Chair – Phil and Ted’s lobster chair is such a great design and no one thinks of getting this. Travels easily, and very compact too. – Emilie
  10. Polka Dot Club Bunny Rattles – So super sweet, these little bunny rattles are handmade in Minneapolis, and are perfect forever baby. – Courtney 
  11. Wooden Building Blocks – Building blocks — cute as nursery decoration, and later to chew on, and even later to build with. A lovely classic toy to gift. – Esther
  12. Organic Mabo Cotton Bundle – The sweetest litte cotton layette bundle! Comes in three colours. – Courtney
  13. Cashmere Bird Blanket – I am a fan of the super soft Eric Bompard cachemires, this baby blanket is a wonderful gift. – Lara in Paris
  14. Wooden Artful Skwish – The first toy all of my kids have played with, as it’s so easy to grab and hold. – Esther 
  15. Shape Sorter – The most amazing toy ever! First babies just like to open and close the lid, then they start to be able to insert the cilinder piece (the easiest, then they go on to the other pieces — and they you use them to learn shapes and colours!) (I still have my old shape sorter box from when I was a small child!) – Esther
  16. Music Box Ball – Instead of a typical music box or mobile, this handcrafted German music ball will last beyond the baby years and is both quirky in design and beautiful. It rolls around the room so is very interactive once baby begins sitting up too! – Lara in London
  17. Lost My Name – I love these personalised name books and think they are a beautiful way to celebrate a newborn baby’s name. You can also add your own message to be printed inside the book, something to treasure always. – Vicky 
  18. Petit Bec Bonnets. – I  love everything Petit Bec but especially the bonnets! Super cute retro shapes and beautiful colors. (Website is French though, but Google can translate it.) – Lara in Paris 
  19. Winter Water Romper – The rompers and jumpsuits from Winter Water Factory have such appealing prints, and it makes me happy to support local Brooklyn-based companies. It’s particularly fun to choose matching clothes for the Hazel Village animal and the new baby. You can also add a matching hat or blanket for the baby. – Shannon
  20. Nutshell Library Book Set – A lovely little collection, these small books are perfect for a teeny newborn as they begin a library. – Vanesssa
  21. Sophie La Girafe – An oldie but a goodie – we love Sophie la Giraffe. – Kate
  22. Babe & Tess Baby Blanket – These Babe and Tess baby blankets are super soft and can go in the washing machine, such a godsend. They come in nice neutral colours too. – Kate
  23. Paloma’s Nest Namesake Gift – Handmade and bespoke, we were gifted this style, and I was filled with happiness when hanging it on our nursery room door. Beautiful porcelain and so very aesthetically pleasing! – Lara in London
  24. Back up Drive – This is definitely not pretty but it is super practical… an external hard drive. One of the best gifts we were given by a family who had experienced a computer crash and didn’t want us to have the same fate with our newborn pics! Digital photography captures so many beautiful moments. Cherish those photo treasures but also back it up! 🙂  – Lara in London

Lara. xx

ps The little photos are of my sleepy 3 month old, (taken almost a year ago!) playing with one of our favourite newborn baby gifts we received which was a brilliant gift. It is a wooden Heimess play set, and was actually a newborn gift for his sister, but has been a treasured item with both children for the first year of their lives. The shapes, colours, and little dinging bell entertain the smallest newborn and it is so portable we could easily change rooms with it and  use it on the sofa / floor / bed / outdoor picnic blanket. Then as the baby grows they begin to grasp at the rings and bells, soon engaging with it, sitting up under it, and eventually supporting them as a walker. It’s design is ideal, not only is the height adaptable as they grow, it fortunately is also easy to store away but simply twisting the wooden rods and storing it in a small space. Ideal as a gift that last the entire first year and also looks beautiful in a home. A great gift indeed!


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April 19, 2017

I was fortunate to receive many carefully considered, keepsake, well-designed gifts when my son was born. However, the standout gift that has lasted the test of time are the Ikea ‘Mula’ building beakers at a bargain £1.50. Still played with, at age 6, every bath-time, whilst the more sophisticated bath toys and various bits of Playmobil and lego come and go.
An unexpectedly sophisticated design, that works on many levels (tactile, different colours, stack and nest, different perforations for different effects, can make rockets, light houses, faces etc., use in the dry, in the bath, on the beach at the sand pit etc.).
They used to be £1 and nicer primary colours though!

Esther in Amsterdam
April 19, 2017

We also have had the same stacking cups next to our bath for nearly 12 years! And still played with. Handy to rinse out hair, too!!

July 21, 2017

Awww I love all these suggestions – honestly I’ve been having the biggest stress trying to find and buy everything for my unborn baby. I know it’s meant to be a really fun experience (and in general it is) but I’ve also just been really worried I’ll forget something essential or that I’ve bought a not very good product or things like that! I know I’m probably being crazy and need to calm down a bit but I suppose it’s just first baby nerves really! Still it’s really great to come across guides and recommendations like this because they really are a massive help – especially when they’re written by fellow mummys! I really love the gender neutral things in particular as I’m waiting to find out the gender as a surprise! Which is great apart from the shops are just filled with gendered things! Ahh this stress!! Actually I did find a shop the other day that did really good things for both boys and girls – have any of you mummies heard of them? They’re called Small World Baby Shop has anyone used them? I really like the look of their products but didn’t know what other people thought? (See this is my insane weird baby mamma parnoia kicking in again where I overthink every single thing I buy gahhh). Still would be great to hear people’s advice and more recommendations – and maybe some tips on how to calm down myself down from the stress haha! Thank you everyone x

Chloe Smith
April 30, 2018

Love these, such a great selection of gifts! I’m also really into the gender neutral thing, often the colours are much nicer but then they can be passed down to siblings – so win win 🙂 The Sophie La Girafee is a must – my first LO got through two of them with teething, and I had to buy a third for my second LO. I feel like I’ve missed out not getting the Ikea stacking cups, one for the list next time I go. Just have to say that the IKEA potty is by far the best, so easy to use and clean! Just as a suggestion for the list, my friends clubbed together and bought me a hamper from The Baby Box Company ( and I’ve been raving about them ever since. Loads of beautiful gender neutral stuff and really reasonably priced, worth a look if you are stuck x

November 11, 2018

Nice Information!!!
Thanks for sharing

Chloe Wright
May 22, 2019

The Baby Box Company can now be found at The Baby Hamper Company x

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