Wooden Bunny: 5-Minute Easter Craft

Easter is literally just days away and as usual I am not prepared at all! I mean we don’t even have any Easter eggs or anything but I’m hoping to persuade my kids to do a few Easter crafts with me this weekend. I really love this one that I found in one of our drug store’s monthly magazine. I believe it’s a creation of Daniela Fugger, a German blogger. I fell in love with this little bunny immediately and it looked like a super easy project so I had to try it out. I was right — it literally takes 5 minutes to complete and all you need is:

-A little wire (I bought the 1,2 mm thick one)
-Thick white wool (or any other color actually)
-Two larger wooden beads in different sizes
-Wire cutters and pliers

First cut two pieces of wire and check they are long enough to go through both beads and to shape ears. Now shape ears and using pliers twist one end of the wire around the other one, wrapping around tightly.

Now take a piece of wool (about 3m) and try sticking it between the wires.

Hold the end with your thumb and start wrapping wool around each side of wire like on the picture above.

Leave about 2 cm when cutting ends so you can tuck it between loops.

Now put the ears into the smaller bead first (the head) and through the bigger one (body) cut the part that is sticking though the bottom.

That is it! You can play around and bend the ears and maybe even paint the bunny a face – I really want to do that. Maybe I’ll also make him a pom pom tail!


You can read more from Polona on her blog Baby Jungle or visit her online boutique Baby Jungle shop!


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