Team Favourites : Best Maternity Essentials

When you are pregnant, the best essentials are ones that save you time, keep you looking and feeling great, are comfortable (!), and keep you happy for those nine months no matter what. Our team decided to share a curated collection of 11 Essentials that all Pregnant Mamas should know about. And of course, we know our readers will have many great products that they couldn’t have lived without while pregnant, so we look forward to hearing yours as well!

Our 11 Best Maternity Essentials…


  1. Almond Oil is great for sensitive skin, which is common in pregnant women due to hormonal changes. This was a go to for glowing pregnant skin. – Esther
  2. Organic Babies: Mum & Baby Rescue Balm because if it’s ok for babies, why not start to use it while pregnant? It is a great all in one skin care item. Read all about all the places you can use it! – Lara
  3. This Storq dress This dress, which can be purchased on its own or as part of Storq’s Basics Bundle, has been my go-to this pregnancy. I wear it at least once a week and love the soft feel of the fabric and the flexibility of dressing it up or down. – Shannon
  4. Nadia Narain’s Pregnancy Yoga DVD. All you need is a yoga mat and 20 minutes of free time and you can squeeze in a gentle yoga session from the comfort of your own home. It’s wonderful for building strength, helping you to bond with your baby and to prepare you for the birth ahead. – Courtney 
  5. Tights to keep things in place! I waited until about 35 weeks or so into my first pregnancy to buy maternity tights and couldn’t believe how much more comfortable they were than the regular tights I had been squeezing myself into. If you’re pregnant during the cooler months, don’t make the same mistake! – Shannon
  6. Seamless Bra Great for sleeping comfortably and wearing around the house while pregnant. – Lara in Paris
  7. Ginger Tea or Candied Ginger is great to drink or chew on when nausea strikes. This Teapigs tin is a cute way to start a caffeine free pregnant day. – Esther and Kate
  8. Maternity Bra There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable bra when you’re pregnant – I love this range of cute maternity bras that come in larger cup sizes as well. Super comfortable and you can carry on wearing them into nursing. – Vicky 
  9. Nursing Dress My favourite thing to sleep in (and lounge around the house in). And it’s perfect for nursing once the baby arrives! – Courtney
  10. Storq Leggings Being pregnant in the winter and cooler months, having comfortable tights/leggings to wear during pregnancy is a must for me! Usually I team them with a loose fitting tunic/dress and a cosy cardigan and I find it allows me to wear much of my standard non-pregnancy wardrobe this way for a lot longer. – Vicky
  11. Hatch Jumper This is so ultra comfortable, it almost feels like you’re wearing pyjamas! I like that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. – Courtney

Hope that helps to make your pregnancy easier, more comfortable, and more stylish too! And who doesn’t love looking effortlessly beautiful like Shannon in these photographs taken by her friend, Beatrix Grinage of Beja B Phtgrphy. Thanks for sharing them!


Lara. xx


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Lizzy in Minnesota
March 30, 2017

What a great list! I had terrible nausea throughout my first, and now, my second pregnancies, and nothing (ginger, acupuncture, peppermint, pressure bands, etc) seemed to help until I started using lavender essential oils. I find it especially helpful at night, when the nausea keeps me from falling asleep. It’s also a wonderful soother for anxiety and stress (I already have a bottle packed in my hospital bag to use during labor!).

Lara in London
April 7, 2017

Very helpful, thank you Lizzy. And good tips for nausea are always appreciated… the only part of being pregnant I didn’t like was the nausea.

Nicola Misurelli
April 5, 2017

What brand are the matching sweaters in the photo?!!
thank you!

Lara in London
April 7, 2017

Hi Nicola, I should have mentioned that, aren’t they cute? It is by Misha & Puff,they do seasonal sweaters for adults. Enjoy!

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