My favourite cruelty-free skincare products

My daughter has started developing her activist streak and it is really making me think about my shopping habits and attitudes. I absolutely agree with her that testing on animals is not a great thing, but have to admit I can easily forget to think about it when out shopping. But seeing the earnestness in which she insists on this nowadays did make me think twice when piling items into my shopping trolley. To quote: “But mommy,why would people hurt animals just to make a shampoo?”.

So here are a few products that I like. Most of which I can pick up in my local supermarket and pharmacy.

  • I love the Savon de Marseille by Compagnie de Provence. It has relatively little ingredients, and soap from Marseille has been used for generations — much before animal testing was even invented.
  • Dr Hauschka was a German Doctor who started developing natural products without alcohol to conserve them back in 1935. I am addicted to their deodorant.
  • The Greek company Korres is another company I discovered at my local pharmacy. The products are very natural and smell amazing.
  • The French brand Nuxe is now a worldwide phenomenon. I absolutely love their tinted moisturiser and always have one in my bag.

I would love to hear if you have any recommendations for cruelty-free products!



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March 17, 2017

Same thing around here 🙂 For deodorant en soap : Clémence et Vivien (Local french products – , also

There is also Oolution for other products for your skin ( – also local.

Lavera ans colys too are cruelty free ans easy to find now.

Here you got a website to see wich products are cruelty free :

What a wonderful little “person” is your daughter 🙂

March 17, 2017

I recently discovered the Natural Deodorant Co, an England based company making totally natural, amazingly effective deodorants, available in balm and cream. No fillers, no alcohol & nothing artificial.
They are vegan, cruelty-free and handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Available online at

March 22, 2017

I am also using that Dr. Hauschka deodorant! I love it. I am also a very big fan of Tata Harper products (not sure if they are only available in the States though). I am also trying to switch out all of my beauty products for natural versions. It is a tough process!

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