Beautiful, European-style shoes at Munchkin et Moi

Shoes — we cannot live without them so we might as well embrace them!

Here in continental Europe we have some very specific styles of shoes for children. I swear you can often recognise a European child by the kind of shoes he/she is wearing! We like brogues, buckled shoes and shoes that get passed on from sibling to sibling. Little girls often wear Mary Janes, basically the children’s equivalent to ballerinas.

This European style is not so easy to find all over the world, so the online shop Munchkin et Moi have made it their mission to bring the European style all the way to the West Coast of America. The owner Nicola, trotted the globe for a number of years before settling in California. She opened her lovely web shop to represent European brands like the super cool UK brand Young Soles, the classic Italian brand Pépé, and the fair trade brand Veja amongst others.

munchkin moiWe are super excited to have Munchkin et Moi join us at the LA ShopUp in April next month. It will be the perfect opportunity to come and meet Nicola and to browse her shoes in person.

Emilie xx


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