Free Babes Handmade becomes Wunderkin Co. and launches a new collection of hair bows!

My girls haven’t worn hair accessories since we arrived to beachy, bohemian Byron Bay, but seeing these gorgeous photos makes me want to go back to the days where I spent a bit more time on their hair and accessorised their outfits with matching hair bows! How pretty are the colours and fabrics pictured above? I love that turquoise colour!

The lovely Hillary Denham, mum of three and founder of Free Babes Handmade, sent an email last week announcing their re-branding and new spring collection. From today the brand is now Wunderkin Co. with a new name and charming new logo. Wunderkin is the combination of German “wunderkind” (a person who achieves greatness at a young age), “wunder” (wonder) and “kin” (family). The collection of hand-crafted, heirloom bows is made with pride to embolden your child’s wunderment and sense of adventure.

The brand not only has a new name and logo, but they have just launched a beautiful new collection with classic spring colours and Liberty florals — up on the website today! So pretty.

Courtney x


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March 4, 2017

Argh, is it just me or are they all sold out? I’ve never ever found their bows actually in stock…

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